Tuesday, 12 September 2023 9:00 PM - 9:45 PM EDT

140 Wineva Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4E 2T4, Canada

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Tuesday, 12 September 2023 9:00 PM - 9:45 PM EDT

Beach United Church, 140 Wineva Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4E 2T4, Canada.

6:00 Dance class taught by Kathleen Rea
7:00 Dance Jam with live music by Kousha Nakhaei
9:00 After Jam poetry/dance performance with award winning poet Gili Haimovich 
LOCATION:  Beach United Church, 140 Wineva Ave, Toronto.
DESCRIPTION:  Gili will read selected poems, accompanied by dancers Kathleen Rea, Jeff Moskal and Olivia Proudfoot who will animate her words through dance.
DANCERS AND COCREATORS:  Adrian Chuquipiondo, Jeff Moskal and Olivia Proudfoot and Kathleen Rea,
PRODUCED BY:  REAson d'etre dance

POET BIOGRAPHY:  Gili Haimovich is a bilingual Israeli poet and translator with a Canadian background. She has authored six books in Hebrew and four in English, her most recent volume in English is Promised Lands (Finishing Line Press). Haimovich has won the Best Foreign Poet award at the international Italian poetry competition I colori dell'anima (2020), the Ossi di Seppia international Italian poetry competition (2019) and a grant for excellency by the Ministry of Culture of Israel (2015), among other prizes. Both of her last books in Hebrew, Landing Lights, (Orot Nechita, 2017) and Baby Girl (Tinoket, 2014), won grants from The Acum Association of Authors and her book, Reflected Like Joy (2002), won The Pais Grant for Culture. Her poems are translated into more than 30 languages including a multilingual book of her poem Note. Her work has featured in World Literature Today, Poetry International, International Poetry Review, The Literary Review of Canada, 101 Jewish Poems for the Third Millennium, Tok – Writing the New Toronto and elsewhere.
Kathleen Rea danced with Canada’s Ballet Jorgen, National Ballet of Canada & Tiroler Landestheater (Austria). She fell in love with contact improvisation 22 years ago & has been involved in the community ever since. She has choreographed over 40 dance works and has been nominated for 5 DORA awards. Kathleen has a learning disability which means writing takes 6 times longer than average. It is one of life’s mysteries that despite this struggle she loves writing and is a published author (The Healing Dance). She has a Master’s in Expressive Arts with a minor in Psychology. She is a certified teacher of the Axis Syllabus and Buteyko Breathing. She is the director of REAson d’etre dance, a contact improvisation Toronto based dance company that produces a weekly jam, a Film Fest, and dance theatre productions. She has autism & works to educate the world about neurodiversity. She developed the well-read REAson d’etre dance Dance Jam Guidelines which have influenced consent culture in dance community worldwide . She also founded and writes for the Contact Improv Consent Culture Blog.
Kathleen's Demo Reel
SUPPORTED BY: RDD's funders as well as the Consulate General of Israel in Toronto and Western Canada.

REAson d'etre dance productions


REAson d'etre dance strives to provide artistic expression through movement, inclusive of age, ability, level or background. We create, stage and program dance works based on Contact Improvisation so we can utilize the inclusiveness that can be a part of this dance form. Our vision is for both professional dancers and everyday people to be inspired by and invigorated through Contact Improvisation. This mandate involves initiatives that work to dismantle racism and ableism and other "isms", since their existence hinders us in achieving our mandate. We are committed to examining the art form of Contact Improvisation and acknowledging its history of inequity, ableism, and racism. We strive to engage in a continuing process of educating ourselves and acting for change. We believe that increasing accessibility breaks down barriers to dance, creating stunning humanity that is the heart of the artistic aesthetic we reach for. Our contact dance jams are the root from which all our programming grows. Our jams are a mix of performance, research, rehearsal, and incubator. A musician improvises, sweeping dancers into explorations of different themes. We believe teaming Contact Dance with exceptional live music deepens the form. The jams build community. It's about relationships, with the quality of communication being the aesthetic measure. Classes in functional movement help Contact Dancers move with ease and prevent injury. We see healthy movement as beautiful an

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