PL Team Universidad EAFIT Medellin, Colombia

Friday, 7 October 2022 8:30 AM - Friday, 14 October 2022 5:00 PM PDT

Carrera 49, Cl. 7 Sur #50, Carrera 49, Medellín, Antioquia, 050020, Colombia

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Friday, 7 October 2022 8:30 AM - Friday, 14 October 2022 5:00 PM PDT

Universidad EAFIT Medellin, Colombia, Carrera 49, Cl. 7 Sur #50, Medellín, Antioquia, 050020, Colombia.

HTH GSE en colaboración con universidad EAFIT y Cosmo Schools presentan taller de ABP de High Tech High de 4 días en español para educadores de LATAM



HTH K–12Visitor Release


Follow the “rule of two feet.” Use your two feet to go where you think you will learn something interesting. Please feel free to walk into classrooms and observe.

Ask for help. Ask anyone for help, including staff and students. Every school has a Site Manager at the front desk who can help point you in the right direction.

Be respectful. If you are about to enter a classroom and you notice that four or five visitors are already there, please consider coming back later. Always make sure there are HTH staff present in the room when you interact with students.



Visitors may take photographs (without flash) and video for personal, non-commercial use of:

High Tech High environment/facilities

Student work that does not identify particular students

Classrooms and projects

Visitors may not take or share photographs or videos of students and/or any material that might violate student privacy in any way. In addition, if you should take photos and/or video, please be respectful of the learning environment, and avoid distracting students and staff as they go about their work. We ask that you use your best judgment, and when in doubt, to please ask a staff member. We are happy to field your questions.

High Tech High and its authorized representatives may record on photography film and/or video, pictures of your participation. Any or all of the material photographed may be used, in any form, as part of any future publications, brochure, or other printed materials used to promote High Tech High, and further that such use shall be without payment of fees, royalties, special credit or other compensation.

High Tech High Graduate School of Education

Professional Learning

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