Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

Tue, 31 December 2019, 1:35 AM - Wed, 01 January 2020, 7:00 AM [WAST]


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Tue, 31 December 2019, 1:35 AM - Wed, 01 January 2020, 7:00 AM [WAST]

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"Trust me," Kei whispered. "I'll be just fine." 

She had told me several times in recent months about the "special place" not far from her second home on the mountainside. When we stepped out of the car, I could feel the energy and magic of the area, but it was unlike anything I had ever previously experienced. I had to wonder if this was one of those fairly rare areas in which two realms converged: the mid-century realm we both knew extremely well and some distant past or distant future realm with nearly-identical topography and atmosphere to enable the overlap. 

Since our arrival nearly two hours earlier, the sun had finally begun to set. After dinner, I held my occasional partner close as we stood on the back porch, looking across the valley floor to the mountains in the east. The young Asian made sweet little sounds as I touched her, worshipped her with my hands, and we both knew that it was simply foreplay for the main event of the evening. 

Eventually, she retrieved the small duffel bag she had brought with us and simply said, "It's time." 

There was no trail, but Kei's body language assured me that we were moving in the right direction. A ten-minute hike brought us to a place which practically reeked of magic, strong enough that it was practically buzzing deep within my bones. It was a form of magic unknown to me, but I was certain that it was somehow linked to what would soon be taking place. 

"Right here," she said, still with a notable accent despite having moved to the States when she was three years old. 

We had come to the edge of a small clearing, perhaps six car lengths wide and four car lengths between the tree line and a small stream. Shudders of power rose up through my legs, such was the strength of the latent magic in the immediate area. Kei smiled, and I could tell by the expression on her face that she could also feel it; the difference was that I was experiencing such power for the very first time. 

The natural daylight was dimming, and the plethora of trees on the mountainside created even more impending darkness. I was so thankful that the first thing Kei produced from the duffel bag was a fairly hefty battery-powered lamp, which she activated and hung on a the stub of a branch of a nearby tree. Returning to the duffel bag, she then produced some items which were quite familiar to us both: leather ankle and wrist cuffs, a blindfold lined with fake fur, and plenty of rope. 

I smiled. "I had a feeling you'd want me to tie you up out here," I admitted, "but why now as night's falling? And why in a place so full of this... this strange magic?" 

"You'll see," was my companion's only response. Then she added: "Help me undress?" 

"Of course. Always glad to oblige." 

We shared a warm kiss, and I took the opportunity to gently squeeze a breast before I began to unbutton Kei's shirt. Actually, it was one of my old shirts, and given our height difference, it was definitely oversized for her small frame. Once fully unbuttoned, the garment found its way to the ground, pooling behind her on the grass. 

She had definitely planned ahead, for I saw that Kei was wearing a front-hook bra. We shared a smile as I reached for and soon released the clasp; as she slid the straps over her shoulders and discarded the supportive garment, I took a few moments to enjoy the warmth of her breasts and gently toy with her nipples. It was more than enough to make her whimper softly, but she did not allow me to touch her for very long. 

She clearly had a timetable in mind, and was trying to remain on-schedule. 

The sandals were next. I bent down to unbuckle the straps and helped her out of the footwear. I also took the opportunity to toss the sandals and the discarded clothing aside, out of the way, just in case. 

Next came the jeans and her lacey panty, both being removed at the same time to reveal her most prized treasure. As usual, she was perfectly shaved with the exception of a short thin horizontal line of black pubic hair - "my third eyebrow," she had once called it jokingly. Once the final garments had been cast aside, I remained on my knees, wrapping my arms around Kei's thighs and kissing her just above the third eyebrow. Her hands reached down and she toyed with my hair for a moment before descending to her knees as well so that we could embrace anew. 

Daylight continued to fade, while the light of the lamp grew in counterpoint. Clearly, Kei had infused the lamp with magic - that was something I would typically have felt, but the magic of the clearing and the surrounding area was far too powerful and far too strange for me to focus on the lamp with my magical sense. 

"Tie me to a tree," Kei whispered. I had figured that she would have such a request, once I had seen the cuffs and the rope. She may have come to this location multiple times previously, but even with her magical abilities, she could not restrain herself to a tree - at least, not with mundane things such as ropes and cuffs. 

"With pleasure," I quipped, although it was certainly true: I thoroughly enjoyed having Kei tied down, especially when she was naked. There was something about her helplessness, her vulnerability, and her inherent trust in allowing me to restrain her which made me feel even closer to her than our nearly twenty years of friendship and more would otherwise indicate. Having Kei restrained in some way added an extra layer of enjoyment to our sexual escapades, especially after I had teased her mercilessly and had driven per practically into a frenzy. 

We rose as one. "You pick the tree," I said as I stepped the short distance to where the bondage items had been placed. 

As Kei stood naked with her back against the semi-rough bark of a tree, I took my time in applying the ankle and wrist cuffs, and continued that practice as I secured my companion's wrist cuffs together with rope so that she was basically giving the tree trunk a reverse hug. The same was done to connect her ankle cuffs, although I purposely did not pull her ankles back nearly as far as I had done with her wrists. Just for good measure, I added several more ropes, crossing her body just above and below her breasts and just above her navel. 

Stepping back, I admired my handiwork. Kei was still able to see, but for long. 

The blindfold applied, I kissed her, and she responded quite warmly. I touched her between her thighs, not at all surprised to find that she was already wet. She struggled a little - not to escape, but because she enjoyed touching me, yet the bonds prevented that from happening. 

I stepped back again, shamelessly admiring Kei's naked body. The night air was warm, so the temperature was certainly not the reason why her nipples were so prominent. In the light of the magic-infused lamp, I could see trickles of her passion slowly trekking down the inside of her right thigh. Still she was gently tugging against her bonds, perhaps testing the strength of the knots I had tied in the various ropes, or maybe she simply wanted to put on a little show for me, knowing how much I enjoyed her willing captivity. 

"Trust me," Kei whispered, and I was not certain if she was trying to reassure herself or me. "I'll be just fine." 

If not for the odd magic in the area, I likely would have been very tempted to lean back against a nearby tree, lower my jeans and underwear, and slowly stroke myself as I watched my companion. But the odd magic gnawed at the back of my mind, almost as if it was trying to somehow communicate with me... 

"Yes..." Kei said quietly, almost too softly for me to hear her. "I can feel it..." 

The lamp's light flickered, which was really odd since it was a battery powered lamp, not a lamp which contained a flame. A few moments later, I could hear the sound of many pairs of wings flapping , and in my mind, I "saw" birds fleeing in fear, even though I heard no bird calls to warn others of impending danger. The ever-present breeze seemed to have ceased, which caused me to wonder exactly what type of magic had such a hold on the area of the clearing. 

Kei said something in Japanese, but even though I had known her for so long and had watched a lot of anime - both with and without her - in that period of time, I could not understand anything other than "I" and "you." I looked at her curiously, but she of course could not see me due to the blindfold. Her struggles had stopped, and she seemed to be waiting. 

...hopefully not for Godot. 

I thought I heard a sound behind me - a sound other than that of the stream. Slowly and carefully, I turned to look behind me, and my eyes widened. 

Apparently, magic can take on the form of a physical manifestation in whatever other realm was crossing into ours. Rising slowly from the stream was a long red tendril, wet from the water and thus catching the light of the lamp in a way which make it appear quite beautiful. It rose only a few inches above the height of the bank's slope to the stream, but it was enough to truly capture my attention. 

The tendril itself was relatively thin, or so I thought. Its tip somehow seemed to be "sniffing" the air, much like a skittish rabbit or deer being even more cautious than usual and checking for signs of danger. 

Then another tendril slithered up the bank and rose a few inches into the air. The second tendril was definitely thicker, and despite the distance between the stream and where I stood in amazement, I was almost certain that the second tendril was pulsing slowly. The first tendril might also have been pulsing, but its thinness likely prevented me from seeing its version of a heartbeat. 

Instinct caused my feet to slowly back away, and it did not take long for me to back into a tree. I watched, ready, drawing what magic I could from deep within me so that I could hurl several blasts at the tendrils if they tried to cause any harm to Kei. 

Yet Kei was smiling and again saying things in Japanese. This time, I could understand the word "no" and again the word "you." Her wrists were once again tugging against the bonds, and then her ankles were thwarted from moving away from the tree. 

She did not seem to be at all concerned about the tendrils - presuming that she even knew of their existence - which inexplicably caused me to lower my guard. Still, I remained where I was, uncertain of what would happen if I attempted to place myself between my companion and the magical entities by the stream. 

Several more tendrils of various sizes rose up the slight slope, then others appears, and still more emerged from the stream. There must have been more than a dozen such tendrils, and suddenly, I realized what would soon be happening; I understood why Kei had called this such a "special place" and had returned here on multiple occasions. 

I had seen more than enough hentai to know how this scenario would end. 

Yet this was not hentai. This was reality. 

As if they shared a single mind, each of the tendrils moved forward, crossing the small clearing. I was amazed at their length, for they all extended back into the stream. Even as they moved across the grass, the larger tendrils continued their pulsing, which I hoped was their version of a heartbeat and not something more sinister. 

...or biological. 

Kei was moving again, but as I focused my attention upon her once again, I realized that she was actually writhing against the tree, writhing in her bonds. Her lips moved, but I could not hear what she may have been saying. It could have been my imagination, but I could have sworn that her nipples were harder and thicker than I had ever seen. It also seemed as if she was just faintly glowing, a soft pinkish glow emanating from her naked flesh. 

That glow must have been either a homing beacon or even an aphrodisiac to the tendrils, for their pace quickened substantially, and almost before I realized it, they were practically at my companion's feet. 

Concern seized me, and I wanted to go to her, just in case I needed to try to protect my closest friend, especially since she was physically restrained and utterly vulnerable. She could still wield her magic, of course, but it would be much more difficult for her to properly aim since the blindfold was robbing her of her sight. 

In the space of a heartbeat, or so it seemed, the tendrils began to climb Kei's naked body. She gasped aloud as several tendrils of various sizes snaked wrapped themselves around her thighs. Others actually wrapped themselves around both her and the tree, and still other tendrils rose upward directly in front of her to ultimately take similar positions wrapped around her arms and even her neck. 

"Yessssss!" she moaned aloud, writhing more and more, the glow pinkish increasing in intensity. Many of the tendrils seemed to be tightening subtly around her, and I wondered if they were somehow tapping into her mind and giving her what she wanted. 

The scene was so much like the tentacle sex hentai I had seen over the years. I was fairly certain that it was only a matter of time before one or more of the tendrils would actually violate Kei's body, and in the deepest recesses of my mind, that was exactly what I wanted to see. 

As if on cue, more activity near the stream caught my attention, and I saw the thickest tendril yet rising from the water. As it crossed the grass fairly quickly, its wet surface practically glimmering in the light from the lamp, I thought I saw something similar to a very thin and narrow tongue emerge from its tip - just long enough to make me question whether I had indeed actually seen what I thought I had just seen. 

My companion said something else in Japanese, ending with "please." She did not sound or appear to be in distress, and I wondered if she was begging. That was not uncommon, for she enjoyed it when I made her beg for my cock, and when we were alone and she was feeling particularly frisky, she would sometimes beg me to take her. 

Focusing on the thickest tendril yet again, I watched as it rose up from the ground, and it was aiming directly for the juncture of Kei's thighs... 

As it rubbed her gently along her feminine folds, she gasped aloud, writhing more and more. The bonds and the tendrils were preventing her from reaching down to the newest tendril to put it inside her. 

...and how I knew that that was exactly what Kei wanted to do was a mystery to me. Perhaps it was purely conjecture. Perhaps it was an educated guess given how well I knew Kei's carnal desires and needs and how she reacted in a variety of sexual situations. 

My cock throbbed, and almost absently, I reached down and unzipped my jeans as I watched the thickest of the tendrils continue to tease her and rub her, increasing her arousal. I knew that she was wet, that her body was more than ready to accept the strange magical entity inside her, that her mind craved the very bizarre coupling... 

My erection finally exposed through the open zipper, I stroked myself, groaning softly as I watched the woman I truly cherished in a situation which theoretically should have been impossible to create in reality. Yet this was definitely not hentai: The naked woman bound to the trunk of a tree was real, as was the increasing pinkish glow of her body, as were the many tendrils encasing her and preparing her. was the fact that I was masturbating openly to this nearly incomprehensible scene. 

For a moment, I closed my eyes, and I envisioned some of the many hentai videos and images I had seen over the years: heroines raised high into the air by a group of tentacles while another group burrowed into various orifices, female humanoid creatures being penetrated by vines in alien jungles, catgirls unable to escape their tiny cages as tentacles violated them and spewed fluids of various colors all over them... 

...and those images morphed into a vision of Kei, naked and staked to a sandy beach, with an octopus rising partially from the water and its tentacles each tacking turns fucking her as she screamed wildly with each thrust and thrashed continuously from the escalating pleasure... 

Opening my eyes, I realized that I wanted this for Kei as much as she wanted this for herself. She cried out in that universal feminine non-language of initial penetration, her limbs straining against the bonds and the tendrils as the thickest tendril pressed slowly into her wet pussy, and I groaned in response since her magic-enhanced plight was providing such impressive fodder for my masturbation. 

Leaning against a tree, I slowly sank down toward the ground, continuing to stroke myself, trying to keep my pace slow and steady as I watched more and more of the super-lengthy tendril easing into the warm, wet place I knew so well and enjoyed somewhat often. Perhaps it was muscle memory which caused me to practically feel that the thick tendril was in fact a specific part of me experiencing the joy of being inside Kei, of feeling her clenching around my cock and trying to draw me ever deeper into her body. 

The sounds my companion made were so beautiful, so carnal, so primal. I imagined that beneath the blindfold, her eyes were rolling back in her head. The thickest tendril finally stopped moving up into her pussy, but Kei's body was moving so much, as much as the bonds would allow, that the tendril would certainly be shifting position inside her, touching her seemingly everywhere. 

She gasped aloud, her body briefly going rigid before resuming its sensual dance within her bonds. Her breaths were quickening, becoming louder and more full of passion and need. Something was happening within her, and I was almost certain that I had previously seen a thin tongue emerging from the tip of that thickest tendril. 

More movement from the stream caught my attention, and I watched with fascination as several other tendrils of various sizes slithered quickly across the small grassy clearing. Even at the speed with which they moved, I could see the same pulsing pattern of the original tendrils. These also rose up before my partner, with one of them hovering just in front of her mons and the smallest tendril seemingly attempting to burrow between Kei and the tree trunk... 

There was no mistaking what was happening behind her. Although Kei and I had spoken a few times about it, we had yet to attempt anal sex. Unfortunately, I would not be the first to experience the tightness of her rear passage, yet I still felt absolutely thrilled for her as she was violated from behind, her voice louder than before but fortunately carrying barely a hint of pain or discomfort. At the same time, the tendril hovering before her began to lick - for another thin tongue had presented itself - at her clitoris. 

The way she moved, the passion in her voice, the passion she emitted... It was all thoroughly enthralling, adding to my own self-pleasure. Part of me wondered exactly how long this could last - could these tendrils be planning on having sex with Kei all through the summer night? - and whether I would be able to hold back my own orgasm until the multi-pronged assault on her body had ended. 

The pinkish glow flared briefly and she flailed violently, screaming as orgasm surged through her body and battered her senses. Her accent made her naturally high-pitched voice all the more endearing, and the means of her forced climax made the entire scenario all the more kinky. 

Still more tendrils appeared, emerging from the stream and practically streaking across the grass toward the bound woman. It was almost as if her orgasm had been a mating call, for the new set of tendrils could probably be classified as a swarm. There must have been fifty or more of them, each striving to reach her as quickly as possible, and oddly reminding me of sperm hurrying toward an egg in a frantic race to be the first to make contact. 

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