Online D&D Origins: A Beginners Campaign

Tuesday, February 23 2021, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM [EST]

2871, Broadway, New York, NY, 10025, United States

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Seat Reservation, Feb. 23rd (Session one) and Mar. 2nd (Session two) PARTIAL APPROVAL - $30.00

This Origins event meets on both 2/23 and 3/2. Your Dungeon Master will contact you with video chat details.

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Tuesday, February 23 2021, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM [EST]

Hex&Co., 2871, New York, NY, 10025, United States.

Join us for an epic adventure and learn the ins and outs of the most popular RPG system in the world!


Our professional staff Dungeon Masters will craft you a fantastic game experience while teaching you the basics of the D&D 5th Edition ruleset. Your campaign will run for two weeks, where you will discover and play through a unique story created just for you and your party by your Dungeon Master. Guided by their experienced hand, you will also gain competency with RPG (Role Playing Games) rules and role-play. 


Games will be hosted through the Discord app service - DM’s may employ a virtual tabletop such as roll20.  A microphone is required and a webcam is recommended. Players will need to provide dice and character sheets, both materials can be found in digital form online.