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Monday, March 09 2020 12:00 AM - Monday, March 10 2025 12:00 AM [EST]

#NoFap: Why are individuals starting to saying no to porn?

There is a great possibility that the majority of porn addicts will find it hard to believe. Have any of our readers have reached a boiling point where you have said to yourself that “enough is enough”? Do you have a situation arises where you start to watch too much porn that real sex doesn’t seem attractive? Well, the good news is millions of males and females are getting away from adult movies.

The majority of these people have begun to use digital celibacy for eliminating these kinky habits from their lifestyle. There is an online community with the name of #NoFap that help the people in getting relief from their porn addiction.

Is porn rehab really possible?

According to leading sexologists, there is nothing bad about watching porn at regular intervals. It is only fully-fledged watching that hurts and begin affecting daily life. Dr. Mahindra Watsa who is a popular sexologist said that watching porn is not a new thing as it is here for decades now. However, the thing that is hurting more nowadays is its easier availability to the users. It has resulted in an increasing need for rehab.

The sexologist further added that he even watch porn during his time as there is a negative effect on that. It is simply a fantasy, but getting addicted is something that is harming your life.

The bad thing is the number of rehab centers that address this problem is very less. A counselor and consultant in sexual medicine Dr. Rajan Bhosale says that does lacuna is fulfilled by online rehab? In these cases, the main thing needed is self-motivation. There is a need that a feeling to quit this harmful habit should come from the inner soul.

The main problem is there is rehab set up in a city like Mumbai. Talking a counselor face to face is a better option than talking with individuals who don’t have any experience on the internet.

What Indian internet users say?

Instead of these online communities, the majority of Indian users believe in other alternative methods like yoga or weight lifting. Another better thing that suggested by users is by installing porn blockers and eliminating all the porn junk from the system.

What exactly is NoFap?

NoFap is an online community that started in 2011 as an internet forum. Presently, it has more than 1, 70,000 members of various ages and sexes. It works as a support group with lots of Indian members.

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