New Care Models: Working at Scale

Thursday, 24 February 2022 1:00 AM - 3:00 PM [WET]

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Thursday, 24 February 2022 1:00 AM - 3:00 PM [WET]

 Working at Scale has become a key driver across general practice and all other areas of the wider NHS – presenting opportunities for new ways of working and for the development of new services all driven by the goal of improving patient care.‘At Scale’ provision of care, will increasingly see practices shift towards collaborative working models – formal mergers, partnerships, federations and Primary Care Networks (PCNs) – key advantages of this approach are the ability for practices to build on their strengths, improve their reach and share the workload. But what are the practicalities of working at scale'?

Essentially, it is about developing new ways of working that will enable you to meet the increasing challenges and demands placed on your practice. It is about working collaboratively with other practices and other healthcare providers across the NHS – and this has evolved as a key element of the new models for general practice. The number of large-scale primary care organisations that can cover much bigger population groups than the traditional small-scale model of general practice.

This web workshop is delivered as a 2-hour facilitated virtual session. The workshop has been updated to reflect the rapid changes COVID has brought about to the way we work and designed to equip experienced Practice Managers with the tools, skills, strategies and networks to lead, manage and influence change, and consider how Primary Care Networks (PCNs) will start to shape the way healthcare is delivered locally, regionally and nationally.

The aims and objectives of the programme are to:

v  Help practices lay the foundations for new models of integrated care

v  Understanding the delivery as part of a sustainable and high-quality NHS

v  The different options of working at scale

v  Identifying who you could collaborate with

v  How the change could affect your practice’s identity

v  Practicalities of merging – shared services & ‘back-office’ functions

v  The business considerations of merging, partnerships, federations and PCNs

v  Identifying the right services

v  Ensure projects are linked to the achievement of their organisation’s strategic objectives

v  Apply simple, robust, structured and proven approaches of defining, measuring, analysing, improvement & control

v  Move from a ‘Functional’ to a ‘Value Stream’ view of the organisation where stakeholders work together collectively


Introduction & Welcome

General Practice – Scene Setting

§  Why are we here?

§  What do we want from this session?


What is working at scale?

§  Background and Context – NHS Plan

§  Perceptions

§  Scope

§  Benefits


Working at scale - the different models

§  GP Federations

§  Mergers – Partnerships

§  Super-partnerships

§  Soft Mergers

§  What is an ICS?

§  Key Elements of PCNs


Working at Scale – what does it really mean in Practice


Action Planning


Open Discussion & Summary


Frankie Maclean