Music Theory 2 - Notation and Pitch

Monday, November 02 2020 8:15 PM - Monday, December 07 2020 9:15 PM [MST]

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Monday, November 02 2020 8:15 PM - Monday, December 07 2020 9:15 PM [MST]

This course will be a continuation of Music Theory 1 and assumes a basic understanding of note naming on the staff and an understanding of the chromatic scale, sharps, flats, tones and semi-tones (whole and half steps).  We will start with a review of how to build Major Scales, followed by Key signatures and the use of the Circle of 5ths, followed by Minor Scales, Intervals and Chord qualities.  If you’d like to take this course without having taken Music Theory 1, please arrange a chat with the Director so together you can ensure you have the correct theoretical knowledge to allow you to succeed.  Learning the relationships between these concepts and how to use that knowledge in your playing and singing is a huge lightbulb moment (sometimes little lightbulbs over and over again!) and believe it or not – music theory becomes really interesting!  I daresay – even fun!  Be brave – and join me for Music Theory 2

Questions?  Email the Director (Jane McLauchlin) at:

Westwinds Music Society

Westwinds is a not-for-profit adult community organization in Calgary operated by and for its members. Started in 1988, we have around 400 members from all walks of life! We have had to postpone our in-person rehearsals but are offering various online, interactive courses for musicians and singers of all levels.

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