Music Theory 1 - Notation and Pitch

Monday, September 21 2020 8:15 PM - Monday, October 26 2020 9:15 PM [MST]

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Monday, September 21 2020 8:15 PM - Monday, October 26 2020 9:15 PM [MST]

If you love to play or sing but find the written part of music to be challenging – this course is for you!  If your director uses terms like “whole step” or “semi-tone” or asks you to learn your chromatic scale and all of those sharps and flats terrify you – this course is for you.  If you know ‘that note’ is played by ‘these fingers’ but panic when you’re asked to name ‘that note’ out loud, this course is for you!  If you don’t understand what you just read -  this course is for you!  

We will focus on a ‘pitch-based’ approach, which coincides very nicely with the Time Keeping and Rhythm course also being offered, yet the concepts for each one can be learned independently. 

We will start from the very beginning with learning how to name notes on the staff in both treble and bass clef, learning to write the musical symbols properly and relating notes to the piano keyboard.  Then we’ll address a few simple intervals, accidentals and eventually move into writing and understanding chromatic and major scales.  I have a few tricks to help remember some key concepts.   

This is a step-by-step approach that has worked with hundreds of unwitting teenagers!   It’s time to conquer your fears and join us in Music Theory 1.

Questions?  Email the Director (Jane McLauchlin) at:



Westwinds Music Society

Westwinds is a not-for-profit adult community organization in Calgary operated by and for its members. Started in 1988, we have around 400 members from all walks of life! We have had to postpone our in-person rehearsals but are offering various online, interactive courses for musicians and singers of all levels.

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