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Friday, 9 February 2024 9:00 AM - Wednesday, 17 May 2028 5:00 PM EST

Scroll Speed Test

Explore the Scroll Speed Test – a robust online tool designed to measure the efficiency of your mouse or trackpad scrolling. Whether you're a gamer aiming for precision or a regular user seeking seamless navigation, this test provides valuable insights.

Assess your vertical and horizontal scrolling speeds with ease through a user-friendly interface. With quick loading times, accurate results, and high-score tracking, the Scroll Speed Test enhances your scrolling skills.


What Is The Mouse Scroll Test ?


A mouse scroll test, sometimes better known as a scroll speed test, is an online tool which measures the speed and accuracy of your scrolling speed through a webpage using your mouse or track pad. Our simple scroll speed test aims to improve your scrolling speed and accuracy.

Whether you're a gamer or simply looking for a fun challenge to test your skills, our scroll wheel test is helpful for people requiring quick response times with precise scrolling.


Vertical Versus Horizontal Scrolling


Mouse scroll tests assess your scroll speed in one of two ways; horizontal or vertical scrolling.Vertical scrolling is the most common because it is typically used to navigate documents, web pages, and other critical components.

Faster typists and avid gamers have been seen to reach much faster CPS scores than this, and anything above 10 is excellent. While it can be difficult to track the world record for a test such as this, some sources have placed the fastest recorded CPS at around 14.1. Horizontal scrolling is far less common but still helpful.

It is more associated with navigating graphs, tables or large images on a broader computer screen. It is also more relevant to gamers who need to navigate menu screens or the in-game environment quickly.Developing skills in both are useful to improve your accuracy or precision. So be sure to test your skills in both! challenge your most formidable gaming opponents!


How Does This Scroll Speed Test Work?


Our simple scroll is super simple and easy to use. The test determines your score by measuring how many pixels you can scroll per second. Each pixel is worth a score of 100, so a score of 2000 equates to 20 pixels scrolled. To use our scroll test, hover your mouse over the grey box where '0 pixels per second? sits in the centre.

Whilst your cursor is within the box, choose your scrolling direction (horizontal or vertical) and then scroll as fast as possible. The test records your speed from the initial scroll. Once you've stopped, our scroll test will record your highest score and present it underneath the tool to see how well you've performed. It's as simple as that!

Plus, there's no limit to how many times you can take the scroll test, meaning there's plenty of opportunity to challenge yourself and improve. You can also share your score on social media to impress your friends and even turn it into a TikTok challenge or competition.

Why Should You Use Our Mouse Scroll Test?


Our scroll wheel test offers several advantages to help you improve your scrolling skills. These include:

  • Lightning loading times make the scrolling test quick and straightforward.
  • Instant free access, and we'll never ask for any payment details.
  • An easy-to-use interface that makes navigating a breeze.
  • A visually appealing design that is easy on the eyes.
  • Accurate scrolling results that you can trust, share with your friends and improve upon.
  • High Score Tracking: Record your personal bests (horizontal or vertical).


What Score Can I Expect to Achieve with the Scroll Speed Test?


Your scroll wheel test score depends on factors like your technique, hand position, mouse quality & settings, accuracy and your actual speed.An average user might expect a score of around 5500-6000 pixels per second. More skilled and experienced users can expect to achieve scores much higher than the average user.

The world record for scrolling is currently held by a gamer who achieved an impressive speed of over 7400 pixels per second! Do you think you can beat it?


What Is Hyper Scrolling?


Hyper Scrolling is an advanced technique that enables you to scroll through a web page at lightning speed.
This technique saves you time when navigating through large documents or lengthy websites.

It also reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries, which is typical. Hyper Scrolling often requires a mouse with a hyper scrolling feature not typically found on out-of-the-box mouse's or track pads.


Tips to Increase Your Scroll Speed


You can increase your scroll speed and accuracy through the following ways


Choose A High Quality Mouse


Use a high quality mouse such as a gaming mouse as they can help provide better precision and control than cheaper models.


Change Your Mouse pad Settings


Mouse or track pad settings can be changed to suit your needs and preferences.




Like all skills, a high score in the scroll speed test requires regular practice.


Experiment With Technique


There are many different ways to scroll, so find the technique that works best for you.


Consider Ergonomics


Hand strains and fatigue are common, so consider your hand position to reduce fatigue and injury.


What To Do If Your Mouse Or Track pad Does Not Scroll Properly


Scrolling issues are both familiar and frustrating. If you are having problems with your mouse or track pad, ensure that there is no debris to impact their function. If there is, be sure to clean your hardware. For wireless mouse users, battery life and quality can affect your scrolling.

Ensure your wireless mouse is adequately charged or plugged in to avoid disruption. If problems persist, checking if your mouse is fully compatible with your computer may be worth checking.




Q1: Vertical Versus Horizontal Scrolling - Which is more common?


Vertical scrolling is common for general navigation, while horizontal scrolling is useful for tasks like navigating graphs, tables, or gaming menu screens.


Q2: What score can I expect to achieve?


Scores vary based on technique, hand position, mouse quality, and speed. An average user might score 5500-6000 pixels per second, while skilled users can achieve higher scores.


Q3: What is Hyper Scrolling?


Hyper Scrolling is an advanced technique allowing lightning-fast navigation through large documents or websites. It often requires a mouse with a hyper-scrolling feature.


Q4: Tips to Increase Scroll Speed?


Use a high-quality mouse, adjust mouse or trackpad settings, practice regularly, experiment with scrolling techniques, and consider ergonomic factors.


Q5: What to do if the mouse or trackpad does not scroll properly?


Ensure there's no debris affecting function, clean the hardware, check battery life for wireless mice, and verify compatibility with your computer.




The Mouse Scroll Test is a valuable online tool for measuring the speed and accuracy of your scrolling using a mouse or trackpad. Essential for gamers and anyone seeking precise navigation, the test evaluates both vertical and horizontal scrolling.

With lightning-fast loading times, a user-friendly interface, and high score tracking, our test provides a fun and effective way to enhance scrolling skills. Whether you're an average user aiming for 5500-6000 pixels per second or a skilled user aiming higher, the Scroll Speed Test is a versatile tool.

Additionally, tips on Hyper Scrolling and improving scroll speed further contribute to a comprehensive testing experience. Regular practice and experimentation with techniques can significantly enhance your scrolling abilities.

Scroll Speed Test

Optimize your scrolling efficiency with the Mouse Scroll Test. Measure mouse or trackpad performance for seamless navigation and improved gaming.

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