Miss Space Coast Pride 2016 - Contestant Registration

Friday, September 23 2016, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM [EST]

3101 N Hwy A1A, Melbourne, FL, 32903, United States

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Friday, September 23 2016, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM [EST]

Radisson Suite Oceanfront, 3101 N Hwy A1A, Melbourne, FL, 32903, United States.


Miss Space Coast Pride Pageant 2016 Official Rules, Regulations, and Contractual Duties

Friday, September 23rd, 2016




• Contestant must be male and at least 18 years of age and be able to show proof of age and gender.

• Judging will be based on a total accumulated points system with high and low scores dropped. In the event of a category tie, high and low scores will be counted for the parties involved. In the event of a placement tie, the highest talent score will break the tie. Scoring will be done on a cumulative basis.

• Contest will be judged in the following five (5) categories: Interview, Presentation, Evening Gown, Talent and Adherence to Theme. Each of the categories are described in detail later in this document.

• Contestant is allowed one (1) backstage helper to assist them in the dressing area. Contestant is fully liable and responsible for their helper's actions.

• Any type of talent is acceptable, except for those that are illegal or that may cause personal injury to contestants, the audience or judges or property damage. No fire, food, powder, liquid or glitter will be tolerated. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in deduction of administrative points.

• Contestant is responsible for any cleanup their talent may require.

• Music/Recordings for any of the categories can be provided in one of two ways.

·      The contestant can provide CDs,one for each category,containing the music or recording. Each CD should be labeled with the contestant's name and the category the CD is for.

·      The contestant can optionally provide a USB drive containing MP3 formatted recordings for their categories. Contestant must make sure the drive is labeled with their name and that each file is labeled with their name and the category.

• All recordings must be turned in at contestant registration. Contestants are responsible for retrieving their music medium after the pageant.




• PRESENTATION – Each contestant will present themselves to the audience and judges. This is the contestant's first impression. There is a two (2) minute time limit for this category. Each contestant must introduce themselves on the microphone, giving their name and contestant number. Contestants can provide their own music or recording for this category and can either lip sync or model in their presentation garments. Contestants will be judged on creativity, execution, speaking ability, music selection and overall effectiveness of presentation and introduction. Show us your best!


20 POINTS: 10 for Creativity of Presentation, 10 for Execution of Presentation


• EVENING GOWN – Each contestant will be judged in their best evening attire. It may be made of any materials, color, style or fashion that the contestant chooses provided it adheres to the Contestant Obligations requirements described later in this document. Contestants will be judged on gown selection, fit, hair, makeup, accessories, modeling ability and general appearance. Contestants may provide their own music for this category.


30 POINTS: 10 for Creativity, 10 for Technicality (Proper Fit, Proper use of Hair and Accessories), 10 for Modeling and Presentation (staging, gimmick, etc).


• INTERVIEW – Contestants will receive a list of questions. Each contestant is required to select three of the questions and be prepared to answer them on registration day prior to the pageant. Each contestant will be given 60 seconds to answer each of the three questions. The interview will be recorded and played for the judges on-screen during the pageant. Contestants will be judged on their personality, interview content and confidence during the interview. This is the “business” portion of the competition. We are looking for people who we feel will handle any administrative duties with poise, professionalism and personality.


30 POINTS: 10 for Confidence/Body Language/Personality, 20 for Content


• TALENT - Each contestant will be judged in a Talent selection of their choice. It may be of any type that will not put themselves or the audience in danger. The actual talent is limited to five (5) minutes. There is a three (3) minute limit TOTAL set-up and tear down time if needed for props or preparation. Administrative points will be deducted for time infractions. DO NOT GO OVER THE TIME LIMIT! Contestants will be judged on Talent Ability (Lip Sync, Dance, Live Vocal, Etc.)

Entertainment Value, Costuming & Makeup, Sound Quality, and effectiveness of props if used.


50 POINTS: 20 for Value of Talent, 20 for Quality (lip synch/live vocal/medium of talent used), 10 for Technical (costuming/props/use of stage, etc)


• ADHERENCE TO THEME – Throughout the competition, contestants will be judged on how well they have adhered to the theme of this year's pageant, “Heroes of Pride.” Judges will be looking for specific connections in two of the other categories to determine how well you have linked your categories to the overall theme. The more your overall presentation reflects the theme, the higher this score will be.


20 POINTS: 10 for Presentation, 10 for Talent




Leading up to and throughout the pageant itself, contestants are expected to abide by the following code of conduct or face disqualification.

• Contestant agrees to sign the Consent and Agreement form at Registration.

• Contestant agrees to be a person of good moral character.

• Contestant has not committed, nor will Contestant commit any act inconsistent with the highest standards of public morals and conventions or which may reflect negatively upon the Pageant, Space Coast Pride or its Affiliates, or any party related there-to.

• The use or dispensing of any drugs will not be tolerated while participating in the pageant. Immediate disqualification will result for those who do not adhere to this rule. If usage is detected, it will result in disqualification.

• Contestant shall not knowingly or intentionally engage in nude, lewd, or lascivious media.

• At all times Contestant will be courteous, polite and act in a professional manner.

• Contestant agrees that if he maintains or is involved in electronic networking sites such as Websites, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, message boards etc, he will present a positive image which will not contain behavior such as negative postings, inappropriate photos or inappropriate language. Any Contestant found violating this rule will be immediately disqualified. This includes all forms of Social Media.

• At functions where Contestants and judges intermingle, Contestant will behave in a courteous manner, and maintain polite conversation.

• Contestant will not in any way or at any time make comments or correspond in such a manner as to be considered slanderous or libelous to his fellow contestants, judges, the Pageant, staff, sponsors, or any party directly related or connected to the Pageant. Any such comment or correspondence may result in immediate disqualification.

• At all times Contestant will display good sportsmanship. Behavior which is considered disruptive or ill tempered before or during the Pageant may result in immediate disqualification and removal from the premises.

• All issues related to the Code of Conduct and consequences for violation(s) thereof shall be determined solely and exclusively by Space Coast Pride. Contestant agrees to accept such determinations made by Space Coast Pride both as to themselves and others.




If you are fortunate enough to become the next title holder of Miss Space Coast Pride, you will be required to adhere to the following obligations as the Titleholder. In addition, all previous requirements listed in the Contestant Obligations remain in effect throughout the reign of the Titleholder.

• Titleholder agrees that they will sign the Titleholder Addendum to the Consent and Agreement form right after the competition.

• Titleholder agrees that they are a Spokesperson for Space Coast Pride and the Miss Space Coast Pride Pageant during their reign. As Spokesperson, they are expected to present an image that embraces diversity and promotes unity in a civil manner. No vulgarity or offensive remarks made publicly in any form will be tolerated from the Titleholder.

• Titleholder agrees to promote the Miss Space Coast Pride Pageant 2017 to any and all potential sponsors and contestants.

• Titleholder agrees that they will not give any written or verbal endorsement or testimony for any product, person, service; or charitable or political organization as a Titleholder without prior written consent from Space Coast Pride. This includes all forms of media including print, social media and recordings of audio or visual nature.

• Titleholder agrees that ALL decisions concerning production, promotions, marketing, advertising, photographs, radio, television, program, appearances and all other aspects of the Miss Space Coast Pride Pageant 2016 as well as throughout their reign are solely at the discretion of Space Coast Pride.

• Titleholder agrees to return to the competition after their Term of Service to crown their successors and make themselves available for appearances, attending events, media, etc.

• Titleholder agrees to arrange and make a minimum of one (1) appearance per month at an official Space Coast Pride fundraiser or event as approved by Space Coast Pride in addition to the Space Coast Pride Festival for 2016 and 2017.

• Titleholder agrees to provide Space Coast Pride with photocopies of articles pertaining to their reign and pictures of each appearance in electronic format competition history scrapbook and for promotional purposes.

• Titleholder agrees that Space Coast Pride will be informed of and approve all appearances.

• Titleholder agrees to upkeep their social media postings regarding Official Space Coast

Pride Events and Fundraisers– Facebook, Twitter, Website, etc.


All contestants MUST be at the venue to register at 1:00 PM to fill out final paperwork, get contestant number, get the interview portion completed.  1:00 CHECK-IN TIME IS MANDATORY.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Space Coast Pride


Space Coast Pride started in 2007 as a small picnic and has grown to become one of the most respected Pride events in Florida, drawing people from all over the state, across the country, and even overseas. Space Coast Pride's Mission Statement: Space Coast Pride, Inc., is the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender community organization for Brevard County, Florida and a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization. Its primary focus is to foster a sense of community among LGBT residents and to bridge the divide with our straight families, friends, neighbors and organizations. Formerly managed by The Living Room of Brevard, the Space Coast Pride festival and parade is the pinnacle of our efforts. Space Coast Pride is committed to upholding LGBT interests in Brevard County.

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