Maximizing the Benefits of Wide Angle and Tilt-Shift Lenses - with Rick Hulbert - November 2016

Thursday, 17 November 2016 10:00 AM - Sunday, 20 November 2016 5:00 PM PST

733 Beatty Street, BC, V6B 2M4, Canada

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Thursday, 17 November 2016 10:00 AM - Sunday, 20 November 2016 5:00 PM PST

YWCA Hotel, 733 Beatty Street, , BC, V6B 2M4, Canada.

Maximizing the Benefits of Wide and Tilt-Shift Lenses - Workshop with Rick Hulbert

Note: This is a new Workshop offering!

As photographers move from normal or kit lenses, there is an undeniable fascination with exploring the potential of more extreme angles of view along with more extreme functionalities.

Two intriguing characteristics of modern lenses include the ability to mass produce wide angle and tilt-shift lenses that have the potential to create atypical or unusual angles of view.

While the potential of these lenses facilitat the creation of memorable interpretations of the world around us, there is also the potential to create rather uninspiring images.
Enjoy a 4-day workshop with Rick Hulbert where you will learn how to get the most out of Wide Angle and Tilt-Shift lenses for photographing a wide variety of subjects, large and small. You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each lens type. Both hand held and tripod mounted camera techniques will be explored.

Rick will cover uses for wide angle lenses ranging from lenses offering the widest field of view on the market today though and including modest wide angle lenses.
He will discuss uses for Tilt-Shift lenses ranging from 17mm though 90mm.

You want to learn about and talk about gear? This is the workshop for you!

Very importantly, Rick will also cover how to deal with processing images recorded with your lenses or any of the lenses in Rick’s arsenal.

• Learn how to maintain vertically upright buildings with minimum foreground in a way which mimics how our brain constructs and perceives them.
• Learn how to remove your reflection and the reflection of your camera in a mirror, window, or other reflective surface.
• Learn how to control your depth of field from the narrowest slice of a scene to an extended depth not possible with traditional lens designs.
• Learn how to minimize distortion while increasing your images’ field of view.
• Learn how tilt-shift lenses can create perfectly stitched, panoramic images that share characteristics of medium format lenses.

All you need to bring to learn about these lenses is yourself … and a mind and an attitude eager to learn … along with a desire to have fun.

Rick Hulbert will help you though all the steps necessary to create great images that will be the envy of your friends and family and will impress your clients.
You will be treated to a combination of lectures, lens demonstrations, hands-on shooting, and software demonstrations using selected class images.

Rick is going to use Lightroom Software as a hub for post processing your images, but at your personal request, he will also demonstrate how Photoshop can be used to enhance your wide angle images.

  • You will learn how to set up your camera to obtain the best results.
  • You will learn the best techniques for achieving the look you want.
  • You will learn though demonstrations and though hands-on field photography.
  • If you so desire, Rick Hulbert will be with you on location and will show you how to set up your own camera for best results using your wide angle and/or tilt-shift lens.

Knowledge is power. Rick’s aim is to provide you with an understanding of photography that can’t be found in photography books . . . not yet, anyway!

Who is this course for? Why should you enroll?
Who can benefit from taking this course?

Anyone who wants to learn how to get the most benefit out of wide angle and/or tilt-shift lenses will want to participate in this workshop.

How will participants benefit?

Participants will learn concepts and skills through the following activities:

• Talks
• Class Discussions
• Demonstrations
• Field Photography
• Constructive Evaluations of Student Images

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