Mastering Mindful Eating and Exercise Motivation on ZOOM: Being Slim and Fit with NLP: Sundays, October 25, November 1, 8 and 15, 2020 (9:30am-11:30am)

Sunday, 25 October 2020 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM EST

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Sunday, 25 October 2020 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM EST

Are you struggling to eat healthy and lose those few pounds that weigh on you? Do you reach for food when you are stressed, angry, upset and anxious? Do you struggle to get motivated and exercise on a regular basis? Or perhaps your weight fluctuates because of binging and dieting periods? It’s ok, you are not alone and you can achieve your goal with a little help. 

The busy world we live in can pose a challenge for us to create and keep a healthy lifestyle, maintain great eating habits, and integrate a regular workout in our life. We often reach out to food not because we are hungry and very often we struggle to get ourselves to exercise on a regular basis. And yet, having a healthy lifestyle and feeling great in our bodies is vital for us to be and do our best in today’s fast paced and stressful environment. Join our Mastering Mindful Eating and Exercise Motivation course to will learn and practice NLP techniques that will empower you to lead a healthy lifestyle and to take care of your mind and body at the same time.

During our time together we will focus on:

  • Healthy eating habits – We will explore the different types of hunger, how to recognize each of them, and respond appropriately. We will look into the desire to indulge with food and the desire to stay healthy, and how to balance them while still giving yourself what you need at that moment

  • Working out – we will teach you how to access inner resources that will help you get motivated and keep a physically active lifestyle that you enjoy

  • Stress management and meditation – we will discuss and practice mindfulness and meditation. Being mindful will enable you to create a deeper connection with yourself and will strengthen your mind – body connection. You will learn how to be centered and balanced whenever you need to

This workshop is appropriate for people who:

  • Are struggling with their eating discipline and exercise motivation

  • Tend to overeat and / or go through periods of starvation and overeating

  • Would like to improve their eating habits

  • Want to improve their relationship with food and rediscover the joy of mindful eating

  • Struggle to get motivated to exercise

  • Would like to be more persistent and consistent when being physically active

  • Struggle losing weight and whose body weight fluctuates because of binging and dieting periods

  • Get distracted easily and can’t stop the chatter in their mind

  • Would like to learn how to manage their stress better

  • Would like to be more present in the here and now

  • Would like to learn how to meditate

What are some possible results of an improved well-being:

  • Your mind is focused and you feel great in your body

  • You are able to recognize when you feel real hunger vs. need to eat because of boredom or certain emotion

  • You stop reaching out to food because you are stressed, sad, angry, anxious, happy, you deserve it and want to reward yourself, etc.

  • You can stop eating and are able to say no to certain types of food when you decide to do so

  • You don’t obsess over the calories you eat vs. the calories you burn

  • You no longer experience feast-or-famine periods of dieting

  • You are consistent with your physical activity and are enjoying it

  • You maintain a healthy and steady weight without weighing yourself every single day

  • You are less stressed

  • Your feel energized, happy and fully engaged in life

We will not be giving you recommendations on what type of food you need to eat and how many repetitions to do at the gym, although the group is welcome to share their experience. We will not be defining a rigid regimen that you need to stick to. What the workshop will give you is expanded awareness, self-empowerment, enhanced mind – body connection and a whole toolbox of NLP techniques that you can tap into at any given moment to improve your well-being.

Vesela Pehlivanova is an NLP and Hypnosis Master Coach Practitioner and NLP Trainer at The NLP Center of New York. She is also a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher at MNDFL New York and she has completed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program at Weill Cornell Medicine. Vesela is also a Zen practitioner at the Zen Mountain Monastery where she continues to study with traditional Buddhist teachers. In addition, she holds Bachelor degrees in Physiotherapy and Healthcare Management, and she is a successful personal and corporate coach helping people maximize their potential in each area of life. In her free time, she enjoys meditating, exercising, reading, spending quality time with family and friends, traveling and exploring new places, cultures and the human mind. Vesela is also the founder of Equilibrea, offering Corporate Wellness Programs to reduce the stress at the workplace and help communities create an organizational culture where employees are happier, healthier, higher-functioning and balanced.

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