Managing Customer Service Training Training

Tuesday, 21 February 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Tuesday, 21 February 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

This training session is suitable for all levels of staff. The material can also be modified to cover any content or areas. This training is available in all States and Territories: Melbourne, Parramatta Gold Coast, Gold Coast. Sydney, Adelaide. Canberra. Perth. Darwin.

Customer service is not always easy. This session on Managing Customer Service is intended to give high-level training to managerial staff in order to implement and provide excellent customer service. This session is for you if your team has a basic understanding of Customer Service but you need a more detailed training session.

Every organisation must have leaders, promote and enhance a customer-focused environment. This session will allow you to examine your responsibilities as a customer support agent. You will share your personal experiences and knowledge to help you learn and improve the skills and techniques. This session can be viewed as an regenerating time to grow and expand on what you already know.

Results of Customer Service Management:
Find ways to link excellence in customer service with business practices and policies.
The backbone of any business is its policies and practices. We help employees understand why these policies and procedures are important for customer service organisations by ensuring that they are followed by their team. We assist managers in creating policies and procedures that are consistent with your customer service delivery focus.

Learn the skills and practices required to be a customer-focused manager
You will need leadership and delegation skills as a manager. Additional skills are required for customer service-oriented managers. These skills are discussed in detail in the following section.

Recognize the needs of your employees to make them happy.
Do you want to learn how to engage your employees? What do your employees want from their jobs? This section examines your employees and offers advice on how to actively engage them.

Recognize your customers and what they want.
Although it may seem easy to recognize your customers, do you really know what they want? Do you want honest feedback from customers? This section focuses on your target market and gives you an in-depth view into \”who they\’re\” and \”what are they looking for\”.

Strategize to create engaged employees and satisfied clients
We offer solutions that will help you develop strategies to engage employees and satisfy customers. Our trainers offer professional advice and have years of experience.

Additional modules available for customized training options
Understanding client/stakeholder expectations is key to providing outstanding customer service.
Selling skills and customer service in retail
Find ways to link excellence in company practices with customer service and policies.
Improve customer service communication skills both internally and externally.
Identify the needs and desires of their customers
Communications – This course focuses on communication skills that are essential for building relationships with customers and colleagues.
Support for the trainer is provided by customers
Internal Customer Service
Solutions – Examines the skills required to solve customer problems.
Patients Satisfaction in Healthcare
Make sure you create minutes that build customer relationships and help you achieve your goals.
Develop the skills and practices which are essential elements of a customer-service-focused supervisor.
Understanding the whole picture of customer service and how it fits into the overall business strategy
Create strategies to create happy customers and engaged workers.
Innovations – New ways to improve customer service
Be proactive in solving customer problems and issues
Training skills for customer service direction
You can remain calm even in stressful situations.
For staff, sophisticated customer relationships
Learn about their customers and what they are looking for.
To make customers happy, we must challenge them
To provide great customer service, you need a unique and ongoing strategy
Customer relationships for supervisors and managers
Be more confident and competent in handling difficult situations and be able turn them into opportunities
Employee Relations
Technical Support for Users
Handling challenging customers/clients
Call Centre Customer Service
Qualification Customer Service Trainer – Recognizes valuable and skilled work done by professional trainers.
How to manage difficult customers
Find out what employees want to do for a job.

Further information about the course outline
Creating Excellence
This session will examine Curt Coffman and Gabriel Gonzalez-Molinas 12 states for excellence.
We help customers create happy customers and assist participants in identifying ways to link excellence in business practices with customer service and policies.

Follow the Leader
We will discuss the role of employees in customer service and develop our understanding of leadership. Through a thought-provoking, fun activity, participants will learn about leadership traits. This activity will help you create an active, accountable member of your team.

Changes in Customer Service
The customer service landscape has changed. Customers are better informed and have done their research online. To stay ahead of the competition in today\’s market, we need advanced skills. Participants will benefit from our analysis of how customer service has evolved in recent years.

Engaging Workers
This session will focus on the essential behaviours of supervisors to motivate their co-workers. Participants will be able to improve motivation and loyalty in customer service.

This session will focus on The Situational Leadership Model. Participants will score themselves and take the test. Then, they\’ll analyze their style in detail.

Suspended Frame of Reference
Participants will be able to learn about two state-of the-art communication tools in this session: the frame and reference of the Johari window.

Giving undivided focus to others
This session will discuss two ways we can be more attentive to others: watching and attending.
Recognize the needs of workers to be truly involved
Learn the skills and practices that are essential to a customer-focused manager

It helps us understand the world. We all categorize and generalize. Participants will be able to identify the stereotypes and ways they might be stuck in.

Communication Skills
Participants will learn listening and questioning skills in this session. These skills are essential for providing great customer service. The session can be customized depending on whether you provide phone-based support or face-to-face communication.

How to create a service management system
We will look at customer service as a team effort. Participants will be able to identify their customers and what they want with the Customer Service Management System.

Tailor Made Training
This session is great for advanced skills. This session is ideal for leaders and managers who are responsible for customer service teams and want to learn advanced techniques to help them grow and be the best in Customer Service.

Contact our team if this session doesn\’t cover your needs or you need something more specific. Our editing team can help you with more information and sample workbooks so that you can create your Customer Service Training session.

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