The Power Of: Finding Your Truth in Marketing

Thursday, 11 October 2018, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM [GMT]

2, Regent's Park Road, England, NW1 7AY, United Kingdom




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Event Information

Thursday, 11 October 2018, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM [GMT]

About the Event

The Power Of: Finding Your Truth in Marketing is about taking care of what goes into that soft machine between your ears, so that what then comes out increases in quality and value (and not just to your business). 

You have a complex, finely tuned and evolutionary remarkable machine in-between your ears.

It does what even the most powerful supercomputers of today can only dream about.

In fact, they can't even do that (dream).

Yet - and especially when we get into work - we often treat our magnificent grey sponge-like &*%$, shoving any and every old thing in there for it to digest.

And like your kitchen sink, when you try to do things like that, it can get blocked.

Finding Your Truth in Marketing

It's said the average person (even though there's no such thing) will see about 5,000 adverts each day, yet we notice very few of them. Why? Because our brains have learnt to tune out the superfluous, the unnecessary, the inane, the un-useful.

Yet in our jobs we are expected to try and digest almost everything.

The emails. The phone calls. The meetings. The documents. The memos. The chat apps and the chats themselves (bet you could name more).

Some of us are better than others at tuning out and in.

Some of us could do with a little bit of help. A spot of guidance.

So how to wring your grey sponge out?

How do you filter successfully?

How do you focus on the important (what is important?).

How do you spot untruths, half-truths and nothing but the truths?

How you do keep creativity going when inspiration is blocked by the weight of the unnecessary?

How do you escape the deluge? Be selective. Focus on what matters. Make sense of it all.

To see through, out, on and yonder.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you a day you can't afford to miss.

A day that says:

"I love my brain and I damn well care what goes in and (therefore) what comes out."

In a recent The100 post in our newsletter, we came across this phrase from Evan Williams, and it sums up all the reasons you need to gather the budget and book your place:

“The information we consume matters just as much as the food we put in our body. It affects our thinking, our behavior, how we understand our place in the world. And how we understand others.”


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About the Organizer

Everybody lies. Yet every body shows the truth. Watch Me Think is a specialist consumer research agency that uses the power of video, self-recorded in situ, with 4 levels of analysis (subject/expert/machine/peer) to uncover the truths in what people do, not just what they say. Real lives on video. Analysed, managed and curated by humans.