Literacy Coalition of Colorado TRAINING EVENT

Saturday, October 07 2017, 8:15 AM - 12:45 PM [MDT]

9202 E. Severn Place, North Quad - Building 901, Denver, Colorado, 80230, United States

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Saturday, October 07 2017, 8:15 AM - 12:45 PM [MDT]

Community College of Aurora - Lowry Campus, 9202 E. Severn Place, Denver, Colorado, 80230, United States.

Join the Literacy Coalition of Colorado for our Fall Training Event at the Community College of Aurora - Lowry Campus. Registration is at 8:15 am (MDT). Sessions start at 8:30 am (MDT).

9202 E Severn Place - North Quad - Building 901
Denver, Colorado 80230


Lowry campus map

close up of Building 901

Scroll down for details of presentations.

You must choose one presentation for each session when you register.


Session 1 choices

 Centers-based ESL classes – Sierra Hutchinson

Centers include clearly focused activities that foster skill development and content knowledge as well as self-directed learning. Learn how to apply these techniques in your ESL class.

Learner Persistence: A change in behavior  -  Cara Messick

Participants will evaluate a change model for mapping learner persistence of their students. 

Understanding Under-Resourced Learners – Dorothea Steinke

What are the resources your students have? What are the hidden rules of the 3 economic classes? How does poverty affect the brain and learning? What does this mean for your classroom/tutoring?


Session 2 choices

 The Basic Alphabetics Test and Tools – Dorothea Steinke

How do you know whether zero-English students have any idea of the sound/symbol connection? This tool, which was developed by ESL teachers in Minnesota, gives you a place to start.

 The Mind’s Immersion in Learning – Ariel Shakely

Teaching a second language starts with trust. Once that bond is established, languages skills are built upon by connecting structure to meaning. How do we brush the dust off of grammar and vocab, in order to connect students to the living pulse of language? Lastly, practice makes perfect, but all practice is not created equally.

  Phrasal Verbs – Alex Bricker

Engage English Language Learners with commonly used phrasal verbs in English by using Phrase It.

Join this hands-on presentation and discover methods for playing Phrase It™ through speaking, writing, and a kinesthetic activity. The goal for English language learners is to practice the tricky part of English: phrasal verbs. During the last few minutes of the presentation, there will be a drawing for a free deck of Phrase It cards, a coffee mug for teachers, and an opportunity for you to provide your professional feedback. 


Session 3 choices

 Selecting appropriate textbooks for adult ESL - Kat Bradley-Bennett

Many factors should be considered when selecting a core text or supplementary materials. In this hands-on workshop, we’ll look at some popular text and weigh them against a checklist of criteria for adult ESL.

 The Change Curve: a tool to aid adjustment to a new culture – Fabiana Nardi

The change curve is a leadership tool that can be applied to different types of situations. It is a very helpful concept that tutors/teachers can use to support refugees and new immigrants when they have just arrived in a different country/culture.

 Basic Building-Blocks to Reading Comprehension, Writing and Critical Thinking Skills – Ranee Cervania

This workshop will provide participants key basic building-blocks that will empower ESL students to improve their reading comprehension, writing and critical thinking skills.  Participants will also learn key basic tutoring strategies that will help create and facilitate a productive and interactive learning environment, enabling students to become independent learners.  Participants will experience first-hand various interactive learning activities illustrating how these strategies are applied. 

Literacy Coalition of Colorado

The Literacy Coalition of Colorado promotes and fosters adult literacy in all forms with ongoing professional development opportunities, volunteer training and referrals, and other projects to meet the changing needs of adult literacy agencies in Colorado.

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