Learn the Math to Make Your Toughest Relationships Work

Thursday, 20 August 2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

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Thursday, 20 August 2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

We all have tough relationships. And we usually ask questions about them like, “Why are they doing this to me?” Or, “Why are they acting so badly?” Best-Selling author and certified Behavior Change Specialist Bryan Falchuk asks, what if it’s not them, but you? He doesn’t mean you are the problem per se, but whether or not you’re the reason for the difficulty in the relationship, you can still be the reason for the solution. That idea is what he calls, “The 50 75 100 Solution,” which he will teach in this virtual seminar. Starting with three Buddhist principles, Falchuk goes on to explain how these can be used to see our control and influence over the majority of any relationship dynamic, and how recognizing and using that can lead the relationship to be 100% better.

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The NJ, Central Jersey, New York, Long Island, and Westchester CPCU Society chapters are presenting Bryan Falchuk for an informative personal development session.

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Bryan Falchuk
Author | Speaker | Life Coach

Bryan Falchuk, CPT BCS is a life and executive coach, public speaker, C-level executive and the best-selling author of Do a Day, in which he teaches people how to overcome challenges and achieve goals. His most recent book,The 50 75 100 Solution: Build Better Relationships, deals with an issue all of us faces – tough relationships – and shares a path to making them more supportive, productive, happy and, overall, better. Bryan spent most of his life obese and overcome by anxiety until he discovered the approach to change all that – Do a Day. Using Do A Day, Bryan was able to break from this pattern to live a life of consistent, unending health and wellness, and works to share what he’s learned with others seeking a happier, more complete existence. As Bryan says, people don’t change, lives do. His goal is to help people change their lives. Bryan’s work has appeared in many major publications like the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Inc. Magazine and more, and he has been featured as a guest on over 150 podcasts and radio shows. He has also shared his message across many stages, including multiple TEDx events. Bryan changed his life while staying true to himself. So can you. Today is a new Day. Go out and Do it.


About Bryan Falchuk

Author | Speaker | Life Coach

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