Leadership Greatness Workshops

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30, Park Row, Greenwich, London, SE10 9LS, United Kingdom

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Multiple Dates

University of Greenwich, 30, Park Row, Greenwich, London, SE10 9LS, United Kingdom.

Social Leadership Technology - Leading from the future as it emerges! 

Would you like to know how the leaders of PwC, Fujitsu and Cisco are generating collaborative and creative innovations?

Register for Leadership Greatness, co-creative workshop series, to learn how to create the experience for yourself, your organisation and your ecosystem.

 See what our delegates said about the 1st co-creative workshop Personal Greatness
Achieving Personal Greatness: a transformational experience!


Society, industry, organisations are going through a transition period and there is a lot of uncertainty. How can we solve the current problems in a way that will carry us through the deployment period of the technology revolution?

Attend co-creative workshops Leadership Greatness to learn how to create actionable knowledge in your team to help them generate exceptional results. This workshop will help you develop 7 essential leadership capacities:

  • Co-Initiation: Identify opportunities and key players to achieve Leadership goals
  • Foundation: Creating shared understanding of purpose, roles and responsibilities
  • Learning Journeys: Arranging for observing and total immersion in the core of Leadership
  • Innovation: Discovering new processes for nurturing creativity
  • Commitment: Choosing Leadership prototyping initiatives
  • Learning by doing: Designing chosen version 0.8 of your prototype
  • Presentation & Implementation: Showcase prototype initiative and start pilot projects

Who should attend?

Leaders of companies, units or functions who are under constant pressure to:

  • make complex decisions
  • innovate
  • generate and execute strategy
  • create high performance teams
  • achieve operational excellence

Why attend?

  • Speed up your development
  • Learn how to be more effective change agent
  • Create a culture of responsibility within your organisation
  • Transform negativity into creativity
  • Align the mission of the individuals in your team to the mission of the organisation
  • Experience how your ideas will emerge to create the future you want to bring about 
  • Learn how to organise around common interests that put different people together in collaborative relationships to allow innovation on the scale of the whole system

These creative workshops provide the infrastructure that removes the 3 enemies that prevent us from creating:

       1. Voice of Judgement - recalling instead of enquiring
       2. Voice of Cynicism - disconnecting instead of relating
       3. Voice of Fear - holding onto your past and present

Agenda for all workshops

17:30 – Registration, refreshments, networking

18:00 – Start of the workshop

20:00 – Reflection and refreshments

Join us for this transformational experience!!


If this is not for you, or you are unavailable on these dates, we invite you to forward this to your colleague or members of your network that you know whom might be interested.

Any questions? Contact Fiona on 0791 481 5241 or fionak@bmim.co.uk


Here are a few testimonials from the delegates from the previous workshops

  • The workshop was really good. I expected some traditional talk about leadership, but it was not what I expected! It was good that the spiritual side was applied to the work environment and leadership capacity – and that there was a practical sense behind it. I found it really useful” – Valerie Goode, Founder, Kitty Ferreira Ltd
  • I really enjoyed it! It was unexpected, but really good!” – Seema Bennett, Director, EveryWoman
  • I really enjoyed the workshop and I would like to learn more! I was so engaged, 120 minutes felt like 30 minutes! The benefit I see is that you allow your logic and passions to connect. I would definitely go back because this workshop forces things out of your subconscious and you gain a lot of clarity, affirmation and re-assurance.” – Joanna Molyn, Transforming traditional education


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Registrations for workshops should be done through our chosen booking platform. The customer immediately receives a booking confirmation. Registrations for workshops will be considered in the order they were received. If a workshop is fully booked, the customer will be notified and informed by email of the next available dates.


A participant may reschedule his/her programme attendance as long as they use up all sessions within the period provided e.g. 3months, 4 months or 12 months of the date of the first session. Such request is made in writing and received by BMIM at least 28 days prior to the original programme date.  There will be no charge for any reschedules made in accordance with the preceding requirements.  If a request to reschedule a programme is made at a later point in time an administration charge of £150 will apply. This fee is in addition to the programme fee.  The specified administration fees, where applicable, must be received by BMIM within 5 days of the request for reschedule.

If any applicable administration fees are not received when due, your registration will be cancelled and the cancellation provisions below shall apply with the date of request for reschedule being considered the date of a request for cancellation.

If the sessions within the programme are not used within the specified period, they cannot be carried forward.


A participant may cancel his/her attendance at a programme. Such cancellation must be in writing. If BMIM receives such cancellation request at least 28 days in advance of the programme date, a full refund will be given.  If BMIM receives such cancellation request between 28 and 14 days in advance of the programme date, then 50% of the programme fee will be refunded and you will forfeit the remaining 50% of the programme fee.  If BMIM receives such cancellation request less than14days in advance of the programme date, you will forfeit the entire programme fee and no refund will be given.

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Payment must be received by BMIM at the point of booking: book and pay here. Payment must be received 14 days prior to attending the sessions.


The customer is entitled to appoint a substitute participant at no extra charge instead of a re-registration or cancellation.

Value Guarantee

If you are not satisfied for any reason with your first workshop, you will be entitled for a full refund on submission of a written explanation of the reasons for dissatisfaction.

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