Launch Into Success in 2017 with Tips from 6 Amazing Austin Women!

Tuesday, 10 January 2017 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM CST

11301 Domain Drive, Austin, Texas, 78758, United States

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM CST

The Westin at The Domain (Urban Grill), 11301 Domain Drive, Austin, Texas, 78758, United States.

Get your 2017 off to a great start at NAPW! We are bringing in experts from every facet of your life to give you their top 5 recommendations for how to launch yourself into success in 2017:

Meshell Baker, The Congruency Catalyst will share 5 tips for setting powerful life vision 2017! An international speaker and author known as The Congruency Catalyst, Meshell Baker’s mission is to help as many women as possible find joy and enthusiasm for their lives through the V.I.S.I.O.N. Development Process. She works with individuals, teams, and organizations to create Vision and Mission Strategy campaigns that increase revenue, build social awareness, and provide opportunities to become key players in their communities. When you’re ready to move from ‘uncomfortable’ to ‘uncompromising,’ call Meshell

Tamzin Cochrane, Food Activist will share 5 quick tips for the busy businesswoman on healthy eating, eating on the go, eating for energy and focus. In helping women to love the kitchen, food activist and childhood nutrition advocate Tamzin Cochrane is in turn helping women to love themselves. She dreams of a world that truly supports healthy eating—one in which families and friends prep together, cook together, and relish in the tasty products of their communal effort. Tamzin’s virtual coaching sessions encourage even the busiest ladies to cook up something healthy and delicious after a long day. Her new video course, Kitchen Basics, offers lessons in food safety and kitchen etiquette, and her presentations at companies and schools educate the general public with a well-rounded perspective on mealtimes.

Suzanne Holsomback, Professional Organizer will share 5 tips for getting your space organized in 2017 so you can hit the ground running! Have you ever looked around your home or office and thought, ‘Ugh! I can’t find anything in this mess. I could really use a professional organizer!’ Look no further. Suzanne Holsomback, of Suzanne Holsomback, LLC, is Austin’s own holistic organizer. In business since February 2014, she works one-on-one with clients of all stripes to help them better organize their spaces and their time—so that they can rest and enjoy the important things in life! Clutter-free living especially supports those Austinites battling ongoing health concerns and/or their caregivers.

Sheila Janan, Health Tip Girl will share 5 tips for nourishing yourself in 2017! Sheila Janan is an Energy Flow Specialist and she’s on a Mission to inspire one MILLION people to live happier, healthier lives by connecting them to their internal guidance system. Inspired by her own successful war against two life-threatening illnesses, Sheila learned how ancient self-healing modalities can supplement or even replace Western medicine while restoring balance to body, heart, and mind. Today Sheila’s gift is tapping into Soul-energy: getting people energetically-aligned to help them lose weight, gain energy, be pain-free, and live more radiantly. She particularly loves helping other industry leaders be radically healthy so that they can have an even bigger impact in the world!

Wendy Nolin, Possibilitarian will share 7weekly habits to optimize your productivity in 2017! As a business and executive career coach, and the President of Wendy Nolin Worldwide, Wendy focuses on liberating professionals from the status quo. Whether helping entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level, executives to become inspiring leaders, or high-potential professionals to advance and develop in their career, Wendy’s primary concern is helping women to escape the shackles of corporate America, succeed at work, and win at life. Her recent books “The Top 10 Best Investments in Yourself” and “Own Your Greatness” contain actionable advice for smashing through self-imposed limitations.

Susan Seay, Mentor for Moms will share 5 tips for getting your family on track in 2017! Life coach Susan Seay believes in Intentional Parenting. A mom to 7 kiddos, she’s changing the world one family at a time by shifting parents’ focus from ‘how’ to ‘why.’ When family members identify a set of core values, then commit to making decisions based on those values, they create a homelife culture that is both on purpose and full of purpose. Through speaking engagements, workshops, podcasts, and private mentoring sessions, Susan offers personal development tools and training to other moms who want to reclaim their sanity and renew or establish an Intentional Parenting practice.



At this meeting we will have a round table format with an expert at each table. Plan to arrive between 6:00 - 6:30 for check-in and open networking; appetizer bar, drinks (from the hotel bar).  After open networking the speakers will be introduced and you will have your choice of which tables you want to visit to hear tips for launching your success! You will have a chance to soak up wisdom from at least 4 different speakers!

LIFT UP!  Mentoring Our Sisters

During the course of the night we are going to try something new called Lift Up! There will be a board where you can share a need; for example, maybe you need help understanding Facebook Advertising, or maybe you want to be connected with the head of a certain company. We will take several breaks so you can peruse the requests on this board. If you see one you can help with, tack your business card to it. That's a promise for a 30 minute phone call to Lift Up this other woman and help her get what she needs. (Note this is mentoring free of charge, not a sales opportunity.)

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Our first meeting of the year will also include SWAG! If you have a business or service you would like to promote, now is your chance. When you sponsor our meeting in the SWAG BAG, you'll not only reach attendees with your physical swag in the bag, but you will receive mention in our event promotions, on our Facebook page, and you can include a special offer in an email we are sending to our membership (with links to your website). The exchange for this wonderful marketing opportunity is $25 (plus delivery of swag before the meeting).


10% of proceeds from the January meeting will go to support The Kindle Project ( The Kindle Project is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to motivate, empower, and shorten the learning curve for custodial single parents through education, job training, housing, and family planning; and to inspire them to pay it forward to other single parents.

The Kindle Project was founded by Amber Gunn. After working full-time and raising two kids by herself, Amber Gunn understands the unique challenges facing Austin’s single mothers. Despite the loneliness and hardships of single-parenting, Amber remains a perennial cheerleader who believes that “action is the active ingredient that transforms goals into reality.” The Kindle Project is Amber’s way of motivating, empowering, and shortening the learning curve for other single moms through personal encouragement and by teaching them accounting and marketing skills. One of the ways that the Kindle Project gives single mothers a ‘leg up’ is by providing one free real estate listing to a single Texan mom on a monthly basis.



Thank you to Jessica Hagemann of Cider Spoon Stories for writing our speaker bios!




Kerri Hummingbird, Life Catalyst


Meshell Baker, The Congruency Catalyst


Candice Beckmann, Marketing Storyteller


Margo Wickersham, Social Media Coach



  • Social Media Implementers (monitor posts, create/schedule posts, research content to share on our feed)  - mentored by Margo Wickersham

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact the President, Kerri Hummingbird, at

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