Lake Tahoe 9-Day Retreat $950- October 2016

Thursday, October 27 2016 3:00 PM - Friday, November 04 2016 2:00 PM [PST]

1776 Hwy 50, Glenbrook, Nevada, 89413 , United States

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Thursday, October 27 2016 3:00 PM - Friday, November 04 2016 2:00 PM [PST]

Camp Gallilee Lake Tahoe, 1776 Hwy 50, Glenbrook, Nevada, 89413 , United States.

9-day Silent Retreat with Sat Shree at Lake Tahoe
Check in:  3:00-5:00 pm Thursday
Check out:  2:00 pm Friday

Participants are encouraged to arrive in Reno the night before the check-in date or before 1 p.m. on Thursday.


Daily Schedule:


Day 1:  Check in by 5 p.m.  After check-in, there is a 6 pm dinner break followed by a retreat orientation and setting of the intention by Sat Shree.  Silence begins.


Silent Program:  Friday – Tuesday (5 days)
Each day begins with a 6 a.m. silent sitting.  There will be three periods of silent sitting and an evening interaction with Sat Shree, 3 meals breaks


Interactive Program: Wednesday – Thursday (2 days)
Each day begins with a 6 a.m. silent sitting.  There will be two group sessions with a final silent sitting at the end of the day.


Last Day:  The last day begins with a silent sitting and then a completion.  The Retreat officially ends after lunch.


Participation Requirements
Sat Shree requires that all attendees arrive on time for the retreat (by 5 pm on Thursday) and plan to stay at the retreat site through the end of the retreat (after lunch on Friday).






The Silent Retreat is a quest for the Truth of our essential self. We are in essence, the Sat, the eternal, unchanging foundation of existence. It is the essential “truth”, the foundation of our being. The Sat is both individual and universal. It is impersonal but it is the source of our personality and of all our experience, including spiritual experience. The nature of the Sat is silence and stillness. The experience of the Sat takes the form of ‘sat-chit-ananda’…truth, consciousness and bliss.


This program is not only a retreat from the world of demand, distraction, and responsibility; it is also a retreat from the habit of our egoic self in order to more firmly establish our divine nature. A Silent Retreat requires a commitment on your part to follow the structure and to surrender yourself to the program, to create the value for yourself. It is an opportunity to go more deeply inward and to relinquish, to ‘let go,’ in ways you have not yet done. It is an opportunity to shed the habit of your ego and enter deeply into that field of being that lives us, our eternal self.


They are designed to create a feeling of silent yoga or unity. Every aspect of the program is organized not only to manifest the SAT but also to give you time to explore how you can integrate what you discover into your life. This is the intention and the purpose of this retreat.




Participants understand that all events with Sat Shree will be recorded for use by New Dharma, Inc. Anyone participating in New Dharma activities may end up being photographed by New Dharma. If any participant wishes not to be photographed or not to be featured in a photo displayed on this website, please notify New Dharma in writing.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation fee is $50 prior to the first day of the retreat. No refunds for cancellations on or after the first day of the retreat. No cancellations for retreat deposits.

Registration is not transferable to another event or person.

New Dharma is a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 to support the teachings of Sat Shree. New Dharma’s purpose is to inspire mankind to embrace a new consciousness through actively living universal spiritual principles in everyday life.

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