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***SALE PRICE*** FULL DVD LIBRARY ACCESS: Instant payment of $50.50 followed by 1 monthly payments of $49.50. (Click arrow left for more info) Partial Approval - $99.00

$49.5 x 2 (A payment of $49.50 will be processed today, followed by 1 monthly automatic payment(s) $49.5).

If you are doing the L1 and/or Level 2 courses, this is your course material, however if you have paid for your course fees, this is included free of charge, you do not have to purchase it here, it will be sent to you automatically. This is just a great way to see some of the work, get an easy and inexpensive way to get started to see if you like this work. This includes the entire Level 1 AND Level 2 courses! Plus Three Year's Worth of Symposiums from Kentucky with speakers and presenters from around the world! This is a way to get started if you are unsure. Purchase this DVD download, then if you like them, you can upgrade to the proper Level 1 On-Line Course and do your theory exam, and the amount of the course material will be deducted, so you don't have to pay twice. Plus you can pay monthly installments. Don't hesitate to email us, or contact us on facebook for any questions!

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Instant payment of $49.5 followed by 1 monthly payments of $49.5.

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COURSES - Level 1 FULL COURSE - 2017 Early Bird Price ENDING SOON! - - - Instant payment of $92.67 followed by 11 monthly payments of $91.67. Click arrow left for more info Partial Approval - $1,100.00

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The entire Level 1 course is now available on line. For just a small deposit and monthly payments you can get started straight away, today! PLUS YOU CAN COME TO KENTUCKY FOR 5 DAYS OF TRAINING FOR FREE - TOTALLY INCLUDED!!! Without ever leaving home, you can study the entire Level 1 teacher training course which has been filmed at several venues around the world, study the DVD’s and then, if you wish, at the end, do your Certificate of Completion exam - without ever leaving home! Your on-line course is then completed and you have a great Certificate at the end, however it doesn’t end there. To help you become a fully registered and listed coach as a recommended coach you need to attend the teacher training in Kentucky in October for 5 days as a Level 1 and do the exam at the end. However the Kentucky training is TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE included in your on-line course! PLUS you can have a friend to the ENTIRE COURSE FOR FREE! (split costs between you!). Second place is FREE to e

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Instant payment of $91.67 followed by 11 monthly payments of $91.67.

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COURSES - Level 2 FULL COURSE - 2017 Early Bird Price Partial Approval - $1,100.00

$110 x 10 (A payment of $110.00 will be processed today, followed by 9 monthly automatic payment(s) $110).

This is for the FULL COURSE including EXAMS!!! Spectators at this course can come for much cheaper, enjoy the information and not worry about exams. This course is only available for 2016 at the Kentucky International Symposium. It is not available on line. Come to Kentucky and bring your friend with our TWO FOR ONE OFFER! Bring a friend, or your coach, or "problem pupil" - FOR FREE! EVERYONE WELCOME! No pre-requisites. Learn step by step how to teach shoulder in, travers, renvers, pirouettes, half pass & flying changes. All these "fancy names" MADE EASY. and for higher coaches, more competitive. Super jumping position info & exercises, this is an amazing course packed full of information. Starting with a review of the safest position then taking that to the higher movements & more "speed sports". October 10-12, 2016 is the ONLY venue for 2016 to do your Level 2 course. A fantastic introduction for higher level coaching & riding. C

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Instant payment of $110 followed by 9 monthly payments of $110.

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MEMBERSHIP: Coach's Discount Membership (click arrow left for more info) Partial Approval - $240.00

$120 x 2 (A payment of $120.00 will be processed today, followed by 1 monthly automatic payment(s) $120).

Coach's Membership - once you're ready to register You do not need to be a member to do the online course, or get your on-line certificate. You also do not need to be a member to attend the Kentucky Symposium, however if you wish to do the exam in Kentucky you need to be a member on the day of the exam. Once an Official Coach, your membership entitles you to: listing on the Society's website links on your listing to your website or social media distribution of your cards, fliers and promotional material at our events a free business sized advertisement in the Symposium Program full access to all ISRB video, audios, magazines, articles and training materials. two free spectator passes to the entire Kentucky Symposium or clinic

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MEMBERSHIP: Full General Membership (pay by month - click arrow left for more info). **PLS CLICK ON ARROW LEFT FOR MORE INFO** Partial Approval - $460.00

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Full general membership gives you access to all our on-line library: hundreds of hours of training for riders, coaches and parents in DVD downloads, e-books, audio cds and more. It includes: * Full access to the entire ISRB library * Attending the International Symposium in Kentucky as a spectator * Articles and information only available to members

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Instant payment of $115 followed by 3 monthly payments of $115.

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Event Information

Sun, April 10 2016, 8:30 AM - Mon, December 31 2018, 5:00 PM [AEST]

About the Event

The International Society of Rider Biomechanics is the world’s largest organization dedicated to researching, testing and teaching the safest possible seat, position & balance for the horse rider.

The Level 1 course starts with safety, control and building balance & confidence.  

For higher level riders, our Level 2 & 3 courses work on biomechanics, seat & position to correct crookedness & asymmetries and improve balance, engagement, paces (gaits), submission & impulsion and goes through step-by-step the seat & position for higher level movements such as shoulder in, travers, flying changes, pirouettes, piaffe & passage and higher level jumping positions, not just to jump safely, but also to jump the more difficult & complicated jumps and give the rider the best seat & position possible to help prevent accident and injury and especially help prevent rotational falls.

The course also looks at pain while riding. Painful ankles & knees, numb feet or back pain can become so painful it becomes a career-ender, and for our Mounted Police Units, endurance and pleasure riders that ride for very long hours, we teach you how to help find the most comfortable position to continue the rider’s career riding pain-free for many years to come.

For many years the Society held courses all over the world that you could attend to do your Level 1 course.  Now we have DOUBLE the value. The cost of the on-line course INCLUDES attending the 5 day Kentucky course as well.

You are issued with a Certificate of Completion after successfully completing the on-line course, but then attending the 5 day Kentucky course also enables you to do a 2nd certification to become an Official ISRB Registered Coach and added to our website of Recommended Coaches – and it’s INCLUDED in the cost of the on-line course.


Like any University-level course, where you don’t just read one book, you read, research & learn from many different sources, our courses are the same. We give you a great list of videos, audios and reading that gives you, the rider or coach the most up-to-date and valuable information on seat, position & balance. Our videos include the entire Level 1 Teacher Training Course, filmed live with a huge selection of riders, problems and solutions for seat, position & balance.

There are no pre-requisites, anyone at all can do the on-line course, and anyone can come to the Kentucky 5 day course as well – everyone is welcome.



This course suits coaches who want to become certified, competitors who want the competitive edge, and riders who want to know about riding long hours without pain. This course also suits parents who supervise their child’s riding. Juniors are welcome to do the on-line course, and attend Kentucky with a chaperone. Juniors need to be 18 years before they actually coach riders.


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