Intro to Exit Planning

Thursday, August 22 2019, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM [EST]

2300 Fall Hill Avenue, Suite 240, Fredericksburg, Virginia (VA), 22404, United States

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Thursday, August 22 2019, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM [EST]

Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce , 2300 Fall Hill Avenue, Fredericksburg, Virginia (VA), 22404, United States.

Two businesses of similar size in the same industry.... Both appear attractive to potential buyers. One will sell at a premium. The other will sell at a discount, if it sells at all. Why?
Come find out on August 22nd!
The market for selling businesses will become incredibly tough as Baby Boomers, who own two-thirds of the privately-held businesses, seek to retire. It’s not just a problem for individual business owners, but for the communities they serve. That’s why they need a CEPA! Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPA) are specifically trained in advising on proper and financially sound exit strategies for when the time comes to sell a business.
CEPA’s also work closely with your CPAs, attorneys, financial planners, estate planners, bankers, insurance brokers, M&A advisors, and local governments to build the best transition for you.
There are only about a thousand CEPAs in the United States, and only 21 in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As one of the only very specialized certified exit planning advisors in the area, I am here to work for business owners in the Fredericksburg area.
Join me to find out about becoming transition ready. Just because a business has enjoyed a strong history and bottom line, doesn’t mean that it has transferable market value.
I will be presenting an introduction to Exit Planning and Value Growth on Thursday, August 22nd, at the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, beginning at 5:00 PM.
“It is a fact. There will come a time when your most valuable asset will change hands. You will cease to be the owner. Whether that transition is successful is up to you…. I want you to unlock the wealth trapped in your business prior to your imminent exit and create the future and legacy you deserve.” Christopher Snider
I will be handing out copies of Chris Snider’s book, Walking to Destiny: 11 Actions an Owner MUST Take to Rapidly Grow Value & Unlock Wealth
One randomly selected business owner will receive a Gold-level package of business assessments and valuation, normally priced at $12,000.
Tom Fish, Managing Director, Go Beyond LLC, Unionville, VA

Go Beyond LLC helps owners of privately-held small and midsize companies achieve their personal, financial, and business goals by maximizing the value of their business and unlocking the wealth they have created through Business Exit Planning strategies and the Value Acceleration Methodology. Go Beyond LLC is an Owner Engagement Program partner of the Exit Planning Institute (EPI).

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Tom Fish is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) and part of the Exit Planning Institute’s elite Owner Engagement Member (OEM) group. He is the Managing Director and principal value advisor at Go Beyond LLC. Before becoming a CEPA, Tom lead a $20M/year government contracting company to $40M annual revenue in two years.