Interview Skills Training

Wednesday, 7 June 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Wednesday, 7 June 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

Interviewers will be among the first people a potential employee sees in your company. Sometimes, they may even be the last. They are often the first to present a company image to candidates, and even the key to a resigning employee making a career choice. You can not only attract the best employees but also help old employees return to your company depending on how you do it. It's not surprising that interview skills have such an impact on employees. This session is for interviewers who need to learn more about how to gather information, or employees who want to know how interviewers think so they can prepare for the interview. You can also tailor training sessions to your needs.

This course is crucial for those who are interested in interactive or interviewing positions within the company. It is particularly handy for settling disputes, establishing a good impression on applicants and information-gathering. Some of these lessons can be applied to every day situations from asking strangers where the best food is to even interviewing them. This training session can provide a lot of insight.

The Interview Skill Outcomes

How to Use Questioning Techniques

You can become a great interviewer by learning the skills you need. You will be more effective when you use advanced questioning skills. You will learn how to control the interview process and get more information faster.

To get more information, you can use probing techniques

Without the right skills, it can be difficult to ask someone for information. People may not respond to your requests if they know that you are asking for information. The trainer will show you 5 ways to probe more information to help you ask the right questions.

Communication more effectively and Influence reading

Effective interviews require communication. To be a successful interviewer, you will need to learn advanced techniques and basic miscommunication issues.

Reading body language, including lying signals

Your gut instinct could be telling you something. You don't need to rely on gut feelings or intuition to recognize the signals. You will be better able to understand the body language of your interviewee.

How to set up an effective and comfortable interview room

Interviews can be affected by the environment you surround yourself with. Participants will learn how to create a welcoming interview space and make the most of the surrounding environment. These simple tips will make your interviewee feel comfortable.

Build rapport with the interviewee

It is essential to establish a rapport with the person at the other end of the desk. It will be obvious that the more you establish rapport with the person across the desk, the more comfortable the interviewee will feel. This allows for a more fluid flow of information, which will help you during the interview process.

How to end an interview and how to handle difficult questions

Participants learn how to effectively end meetings and how to deal with difficult questions. You may be the interviewer, but from time to time you might have a question or need to respond to. The trainer offers tips and advice to help you buy more time or respond more effectively.

Profiling tools to help identify the main personality types

Participants learn how to recognize the four main styles of interaction during an interview. This will help with personality profiling and learn more about the candidate.

How to make the interviewee easy

You should create an environment that makes people feel comfortable. This could be through the things you say, how the room looks or the way you behave towards candidates. The trainer offers some tips on how to make people feel comfortable.

Improve Information Gathering Skills with Interrogative Skills

It will save you time and help the interviewee. You can increase communication by asking the right questions and using the right techniques.

Coursware for Tailored Interviews

Our team can design and tailor materials to meet your needs. Contact us if you have any questions or need to customize the training course that is best for you and your team. Call 1300 810 725 for more information and to receive a complimentary outline.

Training sessions are held Australia-wide in Perth, Adelaide and Gold Coast, Darwin, Parramatta. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane.

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