Intermediate Project Management Training

Thursday, 27 October 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Thursday, 27 October 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

Training and workshops Australia Wide available in Gold Coast (Parramatta), Darwin, Adelaide, Sydney. Canberra, Melbourne. Perth. Brisbane.

We offer intermediate project management training. This Intermediate Project Management Session will help you with the budgeting and scheduling. It also helps you prepare for Project Management. This session usually takes place in a full-day training format. You can choose to have a shorter session or include other Project Management units in order to create a larger Project Management Training Package.

Project management is all about managing risks. This session will highlight some important points about project management. Project management can be more efficient by using planning tools and scheduling tasks efficiently. Our team will be able to help you and your team understand the importance of controlling changes and budgeting.

Modules for Project Management:

Identify the tasks and resources of their project

Participants will be able to identify and track the project's tasks, as well as its resources, in this session. These skills and tools will help you to track and itemize these elements.

Use the Work Breakdown Structure to organize tasks

This structure allows you to break down work and order tasks. This interactive and practical session will help participants order tasks more efficiently.

Effectively Schedule Tasks

Do you have the ability to effectively schedule tasks? This session is for people who want to be more efficient in Scheduling. Our trainers offer additional suggestions for Scheduling based on their experience and the methods they have used in numerous organisations.

Basic planning tools like a Gantt diagram, PERT diagram and network diagram are useful.

Are you familiar with a Gantt Chart? What is a PERT Diagram? This site provides information about the various planning tools that are available to project managers or teams.

Make a budget for your project

This session will provide an activity for participants and help them to create a budget. This session is ideal for anyone who manages the financial aspects of a project.

Modify the Project Budget and Schedule in order to meet Targets

You can learn how to effectively modify your budget and schedule correctly to reach your goals.

Recognize and manage risks

It is an extremely valuable skill to be able to identify and manage risks. You will learn how to use established systems to identify and manage risks in project management.

Prepare a final project plan

Do you want to create a professional project plan? The trainer will guide participants in how to create and maintain a professional project plan. This part of the session will include interaction and activity.

Execute and Terminate a project

You must have a plan in place to manage changes during the project's execution. These areas are covered in more detail.

Create and manage a Change Control process

One minor change to the design of a component of the project could have an impact on the completion time or the achievement of its goals.

What is the importance of effective project management?

The ability of your team manage projects effectively could impact your business's growth and results. Find out how you can personalise this session to increase the team's connection with the workbook, training, and coaching. Our goal is to improve the team's ability and increase your business success.

Our trainers are from different industries so we can provide a better fit for your training program. Your team will learn new skills quickly by using real-world examples and case studies from the workplace. Contact us for more information and to request a workbook sample.

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