Intermediate Excel

Tuesday, 18 January 2022 12:00 AM - 3:00 PM [WET]

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Tuesday, 18 January 2022 12:00 AM - 3:00 PM [WET]


One of the most widely used programmes in the world for visualising and analysing data is Microsoft Excel. Within a practice this software can be used to track hours, finances, and invoices, and for data analysis, to visualise data, and innumerable other tasks. By attending, delegates will learn how to save precious hours from their daily tasks.

To attend this web workshop, you should have some prior experience of excel and want to further develop your skills.

The MS Excel intermediate web workshop will give you a deeper look the most common features of Excel and how to use them effectively for your job role.


By the end of the web workshop delegates will have a better understanding of Excel and be able to:


v  Using cells: counting and merging

v  Understand formulas and functions, such as IF, COUNTIF, SUMIF, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, and AVERAGEIF

v  Convert, sort, filter, and manage lists

v  Pivot tables

v  Create graphs and charts, and how to modify them

v  Use hyperlinks 

Guidance notes and will be provided to support this web workshop and certificates of attendance are awarded after the workshop.


Introduction & Welcome

Data formatting

·         Formatting numbers

·         Formatting dates

·         Conditional formatting


Cells and name ranges

·         Creating name ranges for data

·         Using name ranges for values calculations

·         Updating name ranges

·         Editing name ranges


Lookup functions and advanced Formulas

·         Using Named Ranges in Formulas

·         Naming a Single Cell

·         Naming a Range of Cells

·         Naming Multiple Single Cells Quickly

·         Vlookup and hlookup

·         Approximate and exact match

·         Index and match functions

·         Hyperlinks




Working with Lists

·         Converting a List to a Table

·         Removing Duplicates from a List

·         Sorting Data in a List

·         Filtering Data in a List

·         Adding Subtotals to a List

·         Grouping and Ungrouping Data in a List


Tables and Charts

·         Pivot Tables

·         Pie Charts

·         Doughnut Charts

·         Line Charts

·         Column Charts

·         Bar Charts


Summary and Q&As


Frankie Maclean