Interactive week

Monday, 04 March 2019 10:00 AM - Friday, 08 March 2019 5:00 PM [CET]

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(1st BA students) workshop registration Adam Cooke Partial Approval - Free

Imbalance With an emphasis on participation and action, this is a collaborative project developing working interactive prototypes using open source Arduino and Processing hardware and software. Imbalance is a social design project. Mapping the locations of Warsaw as the context for physical interactions using sensors to communicate via text, sound, and images. Arduino is an open-source electronics platform. Processing is an open-source graphical library and playground

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workshop registration Prof. Hartmut Bohnacker Partial Approval - Free

Generative Type using p5.js p5.js is a Javascript library that takes the spirit from Processing and translates it to Javascript. Its goal is to make coding accessible for designers by making it as easy as possible to draw graphical output to the screen. In this workshop I will introduce p5.js and teach the basics of programming in that environment starting with the very basics. So, no knowledge of programming is neccessary beforehand. All we need is a good code editor and a modern browser. Please have a good code editor like Sublime Text installed. As a little project we will to do some experiments on Generative Type. Generative Type means that type will be drawn and modified using animation, randomness, user input. The students may work in teams of two or three people.

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Master students (level) – workshop registration Ted Davis Partial Approval - Free

Basil.Js — Generative Typography Meets InDesign In this workshop we’ll explore the possibilities of extending Adobe InDesign through programming, made more accessible by the basil.js library. Released by The Basel School of Design in 2013, it uses the spirit of Processing to make scripting within InDesign available to designers and artist. Exploring generative typography and multi-page layout, this workshop will introduce you to creative coding within InDesign and lead you down a path of further exploration and experiments on your own.

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(1st and 2nd BA level-students) workshop registration Lucas Nijs and Stefan Gabriels Partial Approval - Free

If it ain’t fun, make it fun! In this workshop, you will learn NodeBox Live, a not yet released version of NodeBox ( It is a tool to create generative art/design and data-visualizations. You will learn to code with a visual interface and instant visual feedback of the result. If you prefer to code, you can do that as well in NodeBox Live and create your own functional nodes. All your work can be instantly published to your/a website and easily made interactive. You can generate entire websites as well. Or a generator that generates websites (this is not fake news but can result in a lot of fake news!) Or a generative font, book, poster, animation, logo, background or all of that at once. Or if you have interesting data, you could visualize that too. Be warned though: if your data are not clean then the fun will be postponed until you cleaned it! It’s up to you to decide if that is fun. The first two days are spent on courses, the rest of the week on your own project. F

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Monday, 04 March 2019 10:00 AM - Friday, 08 March 2019 5:00 PM [CET]

Hello everyone! 
I want to invite you to an interactive week and meet our guests! 4-8.03 We will start the first workshop week in 2019/2020 semester. Let's find more information about the teachers and workshops subjects.
Adam Cooke 
Hilary Kenna and Rob Griffin 
Lucas Nijs and Stefan Gabriels
Ted Davis 
Hartmut Bohnacker 


Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw

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