In Person Thurs. June 6 - 15th New Media Film Festival®

Thursday, 6 June 2024 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM PDT

128, Artsakh Avenue, Glendale, CA, 91206, United States

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Experience the ultimate celebration of creativity and innovation! Don't miss the VIP Soiree, International Art Exhibit, exclusive Screenings, engaging Q&A sessions, and the exciting awards ceremony.

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Thursday, 6 June 2024 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM PDT

Look Cinema, 128, Glendale, CA, 91206, United States.

  • Join us for an extraordinary event, New Media Flim Festival®, where we celebrate the magic of movies, films, technology, AI, AR, and much more! "Honoring Stories Worth Telling" since 2009, this annual gathering has captivated the hearts of all those who are passionate about the creative process and creator content. With our diverse range of classic and innovative topics, this event promises to ignite your imagination and inspire your storytelling endeavors.

    Taking place in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California,  New Media Flim Festival®, offers a fun setting for attendees to connect, learn, and grow. Whether you're a seasoned creator or an enthusiastic movie-lover, this event has something for everyone. Throughout the event, we have curated a lineup of captivating speakers, industry veterans, and trailblazers who have made significant contributions to the world of film, technology, and creative content creation. Through their thought-provoking content, International Art Exhibit, VIP Soiree and Awards Ceremony, they will share content from all over the globe, allowing you to enhance your own creative journey. Whether you're interested in scriptwriting, cinematography, AR development, streaming platforms, our expert programming will provide valuable knowledge and guidance of what is new, now. Additionally, these sessions will encourage collaboration, allowing you to connect with like-minded individuals and forge professional relationships that can last a lifetime. The event will also feature engaging networking opportunities, where attendees can mingle with industry professionals, fellow creators, and film enthusiasts. Exchange ideas, seek advice, and gain inspiration from those who share your passion for storytelling and technology. Furthermore, these networking sessions will foster a supportive and inclusive community, encouraging creativity and innovation among all attendees. Whether you're hoping to enhance your skills, discover the latest trends in the industry, or simply indulge in your love for movies and technology, New Media Flim Festival®,promises to be an unforgettable experience. Make sure to reserve your spot today.

    Please note, some content may not be suitable for kids, parental supervision required.

    There will be, special guests, raffles, and interactive engagement. Both online and in person.

    DRESS CODE: FESTIVE (think press & collaboration opportunities)

    By purchasing or using a ticket to this Event you (Participant(s)) are agreeing to our Code of Conduct:

    We ask that everyone maintain an environment that is welcoming and safe to all by being:

    • Inclusive and respectful of all ages, all cultures, all media.
    • Encourage positive communication at all levels. This is an enriching environment vs non.
    • Allow personal space. You will appreciate this as well 😊
    • Respectful of everyone and the festival process by refraining from disruption of screenings, sessions, talks, or other events including silencing & dimming your cell.
    • We honor all state and federal guidelines and protocols for safety.
    • If there are any safety issues, please report them immediately to any venue staff member
    • Thank you for being part of our vibrant, positive creator community.







New Media Film Festival®

Honoring Stories Worth Telling since 2009. New Media Film Festival®, an innovative and multiple award-winning* festival celebrates stories, technology, and platforms. We continually implement new opportunities outside the norm to bolster creators in media. Judges from Simon & Schuster, ABC, HBO, MARVEL, EMMYS, PBS, BBC, Rolling Stone, Grammys, BMI & more. $45,000.00 In Awards Through our boundary pushing ideology, we create an environment for creators to thrive. New Media Film Festival® is an infinite catalyst for story and technology. Not just any stories, but the stories worth telling.

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