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Class Registration 6/17/2021 PARTIAL APPROVAL - $375.00

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Class Registration 7/29/2021 PARTIAL APPROVAL - $375.00

Class Registration 9/2/2021 PARTIAL APPROVAL - $375.00

Class Registration 10/7/2021 PARTIAL APPROVAL - $375.00

Class Registration 11/11/2021 PARTIAL APPROVAL - $375.00

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HypnoBirthing: Teaching techniques for relaxation and visualization, and how to assist, rather than resist your natural birthing instincts. 


Taught in 5 - 2 1/2 hour classes. Class fee is per couple, and includes the HypnoBirthing textbook, class workbook, and Mp3 download.




This class meets Thursdays from 6:30pm to 9:00pm, PST


The class fee includes a non-refundable $35 for the HypnoBirthing® –The Mongan Method book and CD, classroom materials and fees. 


In the event of a precipitous birth (your baby is born before finishing the classes), the refund policy is as follows, based on the number of classes attended before giving birth:
1 class: 40% of the total fee
2 classes: 30% of the total fee
3 classes: 20% of the total fee
4 classes: 10% of the total fee




Portland HypnoBirthing Center

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