How to install canbus led

Wednesday, 12 September 2018 12:00 AM - Saturday, 11 January 2020 12:00 AM EST

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Wednesday, 12 September 2018 12:00 AM - Saturday, 11 January 2020 12:00 AM EST

When you mount a canbus led brought from amazon,, ailexpress or some led auto light producer website. You have to make sure the vehicle engine and all the cars and truck lights are both switched off. After verifying this crucial action, currently you can start to install the led canbus light. The cars and truck should always be switched off as well as lock it to reset the on-board computer.


Installing the LED light bulbs, afterwards, keep the engine off and also turn on the light to see whether the LED light bulb illuminate.


If the LED bulbs light up, after that begin the engine to check whether there's an error message on the control panel or otherwise. If there is no any error message, they mounted well. Or else, you need to switch off the engine. securing the car as well as wait concerning 10 secs, and then start the cars and truck as well as inspect once again. Occasionally, the control panel has to take twice to reset the bulb, so you can turn the vehicle on and also off for the 3rd time.


If the led canbus light bulbs do not brighten, possibly you must turn the light and the vehicle off. Then turn the light bulb in 180 levels as well as repeat the checking steps. LEDOAUTO provides various canbus led for your options, from interior light to exterior light.

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