How OGP Is Changing Walmart (How OGP Is Changing Shopping!)

Wednesday, August 07 2019, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM [CST]

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Wednesday, August 07 2019, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM [CST]

By the end of this year Online Grocery (OG) will be available in 3000 stores, effectively covering the US.  Walmart has made clear that the OG platform has been and will continue to be its growth engine and reason to win vs. Amazon. Rarely has such an important retail platform been surrounded by such a lack of understanding.

In this webinar, Webata will provide a foundation for intelligence, data, and ideas to help you generate a sense of urgency for leadership support. You’ll also get practical tips on how to take advantage of OG “controllables” so you can begin tuning your OG business by the end of the session.


Topics will be…

  • The volume of OGP in Walmart bottom line (scuttlebutt around OGP growth)
  • OGP’s biggest hurdle can be your opportunity
  • Potential effects of the coming Walmart Media involvement
  • ROI vs Lifetime Value of Shopper
  • Benchmarking to develop a sense of urgency
  • Working the Controllables
    • OG Merchandising strategies 
    • Marketing Intelligence

Dale Treece
Head of Product

A seasoned leader with 30+ years of experience known for big ideas and collaborative skills. I love the why of things. I love how they work and the structure that makes a thing work. This includes the why we believe and behave the way we do. It is an obsession that has served me well. In advertising and marketing, planners generally move to creative roles. I took the opposite route. This is why the past eight years of my career have been focused on strategy: creative strategy, shopper marketing strategy, retail strategy, and now digital strategy. Give an empty wall, PostIt notes and a printer and I am in heaven.