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Event Information

Fri, September 20 2019, 6:00 PM - Sat, September 21 2019, 9:00 PM [CST]

About the Event

This will be a weekend of the Word.  Worship and Wonder.  There will be several large sessions filled with worship and teaching fro the Word, break out sessions will be available, along with a special guest speaker!

About the Organizer

Entourage Ministries is a multi generational and denominational gathering place for women to be ministered. We are a 501C3 non-profit passionate about Jesus.




Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts

Amber Carpenter

Chelsey Roberts

Annette Rustin



Christina Smith

Brenda Nichols

Brenda Nichols

Brenda Nichols

Brenda Nichols


Dani Sons

Dani Sons

Sarah Shain

Sarah Shain

Elizabeth Brownfield

Charlee Laborico

Sharon Roberts

Delaina Welch

Jessica Manning

LaVona Verrill

LaVona Verrill

Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

Kendra Minchey

Megan Robbins

Larra Richardson

Larra Richardson

Amber Wooley

Amber Wooley

Stacy Craber

MaryLou Wobser

Terri Stair

Kendra Minchey

Nicole Minchew

Janell Martin

Debi Armstrong

Karena Smith

Chris Swan

Carol Hines

Tasha Cantrell

Mary Rosson

Cinthia Phillips

Sandy Hammock

Naomi Grigg

Karen Rowland

Sherri Dixon

Bj Harvey

Bj Harvey

Bj Harvey

Adrean Stinnett



Callie Gray

Lindsey Benson

Jamie Hawthorne

Madison Johnson

Debbie Trust

Kaela Calloway

Hannah Sheriff

Kassi Wilkey

Kassi Wilkey

Kara Byrd

Elizabeth Booth

Blair Workman

Ashley Olzawski

Casie Moore

Sherrie Wible

Jami Rains

Hannah Durham

Jennifer Crouse

Alicia Clubb

Ruth Franks

Susan Hall

Joyce Marks

Joyce Marks

Michele Meza

Jada Warren

Elizabeth Ward

Holly Redwine

Jessie Sallee

Bailey Abrantes

Angelica Roesler

Rachel Toews

Sarah Toews

Abby Kautt

Tiffany Newton

Jennifer Steen

Abbi Hix

Chandel Dobbs

Michelle Chester

Shannette Onstott

Terri Scott

Keary Conrad

Sonya Allison

Cherish Gehret

Lola Lopez

Susan Gentry

Cheyenne Nutting

Stacy Craber

Stacy Craber

Susan Mounkes

Tamara Swinford

Belinda Parrish

Sheila Wilkins

Becky Paulson

Sarah Whipkey

Ginger Lynch

Ann Piper

Paige Piper


Alyssa Kaufer

Alane Abrams

Lindy Basden

Amber Dennis

UnaVey Melcher

Tiffany Morgan

Okivia Booth

Katie Garrett

Ashley McCain

Vicki Ussery

Marilyn Gobert

Butch and Ellen Booth

Jessica King

Hanna Wingfield

Traci Hurst

Traci Hurst

Traci Hurst

Daccari Ashby

Marissa Moore

Marissa Moore

Shelby Hollowell

Sarah Ford

Monica Ford

Kimberly Ford

Kelli Martin

Audrie Needham

Laura Taylor


Jan Coplen

Gabriella Ferguson

Kristi Snyder

Kassidy Wooley

Kimberly Needham

Kalli Winters

Michelle Moore

Marnie Skouby

Casey Boyles

Beth Kelly

Erica Dunnihoo

Paula Elrod

Michael Anne Skouby

Nicole Montano

Jennifer Taylor

Kimberly Moore

Kimberly Moore

Allison Murray

Mackenzie Dills

Allison Murray

Dana Hollowell

Faith Hollowell

Yubelis Williams

Rachell Harris

Kimberly Vincent

Kimberly Vincent

Melissa Cress

Rebelah Holmes

Jessica Crank

Carrie McKinney

Jessica Crank

Jessica Crank

Jessica Crank

Meggan Taylor

MeCayla Taylor

Emily Weatherly

Emily Weatherly

Crystal Maynard

Meg Ammons

Deborah Reddout

Brenda Terrell

Kate Morrison

Shawnda Kulig

Candace Hendricks

Jackie Hunt

Jamie Manuel

Rogina Manuel

Autumn Donathan

Chelsie Head

Jacee Low

Cindy DeMoss

Kayla Golden

Sherri Gordon

Valerie Carrington

Belinda Pratt

LaDonna Ashe

Lynna Freeman

Connie Gomes

Jana Imotichey

Misty Sellars

Lindsay Roode

Mandi Peebles

Kaleah Adair

Paula Caldwell

Sunni Miller

Heidi Sumpter

Linda Earven