Heart Awakening to Absolute Love – A Living Awakening Activation Program

Thursday, September 13 2018 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM [PST]

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Thursday, September 13 2018 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM [PST]

Heart Awakening to Absolute Love – A Living Awakening Activation Program

With Sonya Amrita

Thursday, September 13, 2018

6:15pm meditation, 6:30pm-8pm class Pacific Time

Via Teleseminar

Registration closes at 6pm on September 13 PT



Divine Love is present within you and all around you. It is the source of all creation. Divine Love loves you without conditions – you do nothing to deserve it because, in truth, you are Love. 


You may know this love – at least in part. Do you know it completely, unconditionally? Have you felt it in every cell in your being? Because you can, because it’s your birthright. If you are like most people, however, you may be holding yourself back from heart awakening because of old stories and beliefs such as unworthiness, not deserving, believing love is scarce, thinking it can’t happen for you or being afraid to open your heart. 


Somewhere in your heart, you crave the unconditional embrace of Divine Love. I want you to know that the love you long for is right here, right now. I understand it’s hard to turn your attention there and fully receive it – and that’s why we’re doing this program. But it’s possible for you; heart awakening is for you to experience now, in this moment, in this lifetime. 


In “Heart Awakening to Absolute Love,” you will:

  • Have a supported container in which you can expand in Divine Love
  • Begin to heal the stories that hold you separate from the Love You Are
  • Activate the Divine Awakened Heart within you
  • Open to greater Love in relationships



Please join me. I look forward to honoring the abundant love and awakened heart within you. 

About Living Awakening Activation Programs

Each month we will explore a topic that is a key to opening to and living Divine Consciousness, Wisdom, Love and Abundance. Each class is an activation, intended to help you:

  • Hear the teachings from your Inner Wisdom
  • Release old ego habits
  • Embrace the Divine Light, Love, and Truth within you
  • Heal old stories and wounds


Each 90-minute gathering will include meditation, intuitively guided teaching for you, and wisdom inquiry.  


Want to attend but can’t make the date? Register now and you will automatically receive the recording. You can send in your questions about the topic ahead of time – I will answer your question during the class. 


Cost: $35 per person

$50 total for roommates/partners ($25 each). Please register all the individuals who will be listening from your home.  

Cost includes recording.





Cancellation policy

Cancellation is zero cost.

A gifted spiritual energetic healer and intuitive guide, Sonya Amrita Bibilos experienced a series of life-changing awakenings while working at a Silicon Valley software company, and later while serving as the Program Director for her spiritual teacher, Adyashanti. For over 10 years she has been supporting individuals and couples to awaken and live their awakening through every area of their lives.

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