Gesellen Fechten 2021

Friday, 15 October 2021 9:30 AM - Sunday, 17 October 2021 5:00 PM CDT

1903, Northeast 12th Street, Moore, OK, 73160, United States

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Early Bird Main Ticket Partial Approval - $50.00

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Judges Ticket Partial Approval - $80.00

This ticket allows entry to all events. (please list which events you are interested in when completing your purchase) Main Ticket Entry Fee is not required for this ticket. We expect judges to come and be professional and prepared. The event staff reserve the right to refuse or expel a judge if there are concerns on performance or behavior. Judges will have specific judge training and expectations that will be reviewed prior to event start.

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Longsword Partial Approval - $30.00

Main Ticket Entry Fee is Required with this ticket ****** Longsword will be separated into multiple skill divisions and subcategories after the Pools on Friday. Performance in the pools will determine placement in the Skill Division.

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Sword and Buckler Partial Approval - $30.00

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Dagger Partial Approval - $30.00

**** Main Ticket Entry Fee is required in your cart with this ticket purchase. This event will have a wrestling component and will be broken down into weight classes. Please be advised if you are not trained or comfortable with wrestling this may not be the event for you.

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Harness Fechten Partial Approval - $30.00

**** Main Ticket Entry Fee is required in your cart with this ticket purchase. Strict expectations required for entry into harnessfechten regarding your kit. Everyone must bring their own kit. Full or near-complete harness is expected with riveted chainmail or heavy padding in the gaps. No helmets with openings large enough for thrusts to pass through allowed.

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All proceeds go to future events and compensating staff. If you enjoyed the event or want to help support it in the future we have enabled this option. (by popular demand) Thank you to all who contribute to our School and our Martial Art!

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Friday, 15 October 2021 9:30 AM - Sunday, 17 October 2021 5:00 PM CDT

Buck Thomas Park (North Pavillion), 1903, Moore, OK, 73160, United States.

Gesellen Fechten 2021 is ON! 

***Covid 19 has been a serious concern this year and the return of fencing events while welcome, has been a hot button topic of concern. With consideration to this, we have partnered with the USCO to have our event at the Oklahoma Highland Gathering. This will be an OUTDOOR event to allow for an easement of health and transmission concerns. All participants are encouraged to wear a mask if that makes them comfortable, but we will not require the use of one at the event while fencing. Any precautions the fencers would like to take will be encouraged and we will attempt to accomodate.***

Gesellen Fechten 2021 (GF21) will be an outdoor event! This will be a faire environment, but we have an extremely large event space to work with that comes with a lot of perks:

  • It will be October. Which means cool and breezy in Oklahoma, but a low chance of rain or heat concerns. If it does rain, we have a pavillion larger than a basketball court to hold the event under. 
  • It will have food vendors on site! There will be a lot of fun eats and entertainment besides the fencing. Invite your friends and family for a Faire event where you can both fence and walk around and have fun. 
  • We will have outdoor camping at the event location available! This means no need for a hotel or boarding cost! (space may be limited. First at site, first served) 
  • We will have a large audience! Want to put your Art on Display? We will have bleachers and spectators all day long at the events to watch/cheer/clap for you with an announcers table announcing the fighters and where they are from. 
  • Livestream and professional video/media! 

GF21 will have the following events this year:

  • Longsword (multiple skill divisions and sub categories)
  • Sword and Buckler (Side sword/arming sword and round buckler only. Details will be in rules) 
  • Rapier (Cut and Thrust. Details in Rules)
  • Messer (Details in Rules)
  • HarnessFechten
  • Dagger

Pools begin on FRIDAY so please make sure you have that day off for the event. We will run all pools on Friday and do Elims and Finals on Saturday. 

Cancellation policy

Tickets can be canceled up to one week before event. Final day to cancel would be 10/7/21

Cymbrogi School of Western Martial Arts is a Historic Fencing School that operates out of Oklahoma City Oklahoma in the United States. Cymbrogi is known for world class competition and a professional approach to training and HEMA events. Cymbrogi has trained many top tier high ranking fencers in multiple weapon divisions and has 10 Certified Instructors. You can find more about us here:

Contact the Organizer

Sessions on Oct 15, 2021

09:30 AM

Pools for Longsword begin

09:30 AM - 01:00 PM
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