Friday Sacred Chambers-May 7th

Friday, May 07 2021, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM [PDT]

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Friday, May 07 2021, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM [PDT]



Join Debra Apsara for Sacred Chambers Process at the Sri AmmaBhagavan Sacred Chambers in Las Vegas. Debra has been hosting Sacred Chambers since March 7th, 2014. So many people have had miracles happen when attending. 


We are so pleased to announce the Sacred Chambers will now be offered on Zoom. All those who would like to attend from all over the world can now do so in the comforts of your own home. 


This is a wonderful very sacred process where you will be taught contemplations to aid in your awakening, receive a special initiation, meditation on the Supreme Light of Supreme Love, and be brought into the Sacred Chambers to experience the miracles.

Debra was initiated in a special process to open the Sacred Chamber in 2013 while in India at Oneness University with Avatars of Enlightenment Sri AmmaBhagavan. Debra also attended a class with Sri AmmaBhagavan here in the USA, where the Sacred Chambers was upgraded and given more power and miracles.

Now this has happened again after Relationship Day!!! Sri AmmaBhagavan blessed the Sacred Chambers again for more power, more miracles.


This is a very sacred process so please create a quiet, calm environment for yourself so you can immerse yourself in the process. 

Debra Apsara

Debra Apsara came onto this planet smiling and talking with God. Her Mother would often go in to her room to see if she was sleeping and Debra would have her hands straight up in the air giggling and playing with something above her. Her Mother said it was Angels… Since 2007 Debra has been on a mission to help Awaken Humanity. Her passion is to live life in joy, uplifting and affecting all around her. She is dedicated to her own growth in consciousness, which brings her to India to be in the Grace of Sri Amma Bhagavan Avatars of Enlightenment. Debra is deeply connected to her Inner Divine and her wish is to open all the hearts of Mankind to see Peace, Love, Harmony, and Abundance in all Beings, Plants, Animals, and our Beautiful Mother Earth. Debra currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada where she works as a Registered Nurse and hosts special processes for growth online.

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