Free Webinar| Navigate: Explore the "Here and Now" in the setting of YOUR unique story

Tuesday, April 13 2021 11:00 AM - 11:45 PM [EDT]

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Tuesday, April 13 2021 11:00 AM - 11:45 PM [EDT]

Our lives are made up of stories.  Some examples of places where our stories are found include our family of origin, friendships, experiences we have had, and even hardships we have faced. Join Sharon Hicks for an informative webinar on the gift that can come from navigating the "here and now" in the setting of your own unique story to grow and flourish in life and relationships.  This FREE- 45 min webinar will help you understand how your unique story informs your perspective on life and how self-esteem, boundaries, and interpersonal relationships can be impacted in both positive and negative ways.  Participants attending Navigate: Story will receive a FREE Story tool! Register today.

Kintsukuroi Counseling

Sharon Hicks is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who founded Kintsukuroi Counseling. She is passionate about faith, family, and relationships and helps individuals and couples engage in deeper and more meaningful ways with the things that matter most to them by create a safe space for couples to journey together towards wholeness, healing, restoration, and improved connection. When she is not in the office, she enjoy playing Bach on the piano, sipping coffee with friends, and getting new stamps in her passport as she travels with her husband and four children around the globe exploring this beautiful world. Having lived in south east Asia as a family for a season they were given the gift of becoming global citizens which has given her a bigger view of the world and informs her perspective on life. EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE: MA, Counseling, Cincinnati Christian University Missionary, Member Care, and Community Liaison

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