FoodTreX Thessaloniki 2019

Monday, 07 October 2019, 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM [GST]

13 kilometres -Perea, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki , 570 01, Greece




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Event Information

Monday, 07 October 2019, 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM [GST]

About the Event


The main goal of the Summit is to show, how the local gastronomy can be combined to the tourism potential of a destination or a private company and create a successful tourism product.



•Connecting gastronomy and tourism

•Gastronomy /food tourism: What is it?

•Definition, implementation and history of Gastronomy tourism in Europe and other continents

•Success stories in gastronomy tourism in Greece and neighboring East Mediterranean countries

•Greek gastronomy tourism

•Particularities, history, implementation, new trends of Greek Gastronomy Tourism



1.Mr. Erik Wolf – U.S.A.

Founder of the World Food Travel Association


2.Mrs Maria Athanasopoulou - Greece

Founder of Respond On Demand Ltd, co-founder of Top Tourism nonprofit company, Certified Ambassador of World Food Travel Association in Greece & Master Culinary Travel Professional


3.Mrs Xeni Gerna – Greece

 MSc: Director of Thessaloniki Vocational Training Institute Of Tourism – Ministry of Tourism

Subject: "The importance of the development of circular economy in Greek Gastronomic tourism".


4.Lionel Chee - Singapore

Licensed ATG Food Guide

SUBJECT: “A short insight into Singapore Wonderful Food World”


5.Mrs. Chantal CookeUnited Kingdom

PASSION for the PLANET - Radio, podcasts and articles for a green, healthy and ethical lifestyle

SUBJECT: “Why every Greek Gastronomy offering must be socially responsible – or you’ll lose customers and money”.


6.Paolo Salerno - Italy

Nuara - cook Sicily, Trapani Sicily

SUBJECT: “Food tourism and the safeguard of culinary traditions: the experience of Sicily, the island at the center of the Mediterranean Sea”


7.Anagha Godbole – United States

Top 5 from Masterchef India, and IIFA super chef award winner, food and street/Travel Photography

SUBJECT: “Curry trails and beyond”


8.Sandro Chiriotti, Italy

Tour Operator focused on emotional tours, coaching on masters and professional courses mixing tourism, welcome art, territory/product marketing/sells, wine/food and art/design excellences, local culture, world rural tradition journalist, Piedmon, Italy

Subject: "The Mediterranean diet is human heritage " a shared mix of history, traditions and local cultures becomes human safety, economic brand and touristic opportunity



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10. Dr. Nick Naumov – United Kingdom

Senior Lecturer in Hospitality & Tourism Management, University of Northampton, UK

SUBJECT: “Food Tourism as a Cultural Experience”



11.Andreas Sfyridis, Greece

Hospitality photographer

SUBJECT: “Visual Trends in Gastronomic Tourism”


12.Representative from ELLINAIR,  Greece

SUBJECT: "Greek Gastronomy Tourism”




·        Gastronomy opinion leaders from Greece and other countries

·        Tourism Companies / hoteliers / tourist guides

·        Members of relevant Associations/ Chambers

·        State bodies representatives

·        Travel Agents involved to food tourism

·        Journalists – Food bloggers

·        Chefs

·        Students in public or private tourism schools


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Tel: +30 6932230665

Event Location

About the Organizer

Respond On Demand is a tourism marketing company established in 2009. Main goal of the owners is to promote Greek tourism. For this reason Respond On Demand organizes B2B meetings events to various countries every year as well as fam trips to Greece. Top tourism is an urban non-profitable company aiming to materialize and handle activities that will promote Greek Tourism and Greek Culture. The goal of Top Tourism non profit company, is to undertake all kind of legal actions and activities to promote Tourism in Greece, bond relationships with tourist agents abroad and promote fresh ideas and applications that will make Greek tourism further well-known as well as the Greek civilization, thus acting as a Greek Tourism ambassador.