Fire Dance South Africa - Chief Vaughan Harris

Friday, 19 May 2017 9:00 AM - Sunday, 21 May 2017 5:00 PM SAST

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Friday, 19 May 2017 9:00 AM - Sunday, 21 May 2017 5:00 PM SAST

We want to send you an invitation to come and be a part of the Fire Dance in South Africa on May 19-21 at Simunye, Midrand on the blessed land of Fritz and Elba Duminy.

It would be wonderful to have you here whether you choose to serve on the support crew or as a Dancer. The energy of this Ceremony is amazingly intense as we dance with 5 Fires inside of a Medicine Wheel. Dancers and crew alike will be transformed forever as the spirit of this dance moves through us and fans the fires in our hearts.

This is a 3 day Ceremony and crew and Dancers are both required to be fully present from Friday noon to Sunday late afternoon. It is not possible to attend parts of the Ceremony or to come for a little portion of the time.

This is NOT a traditional Native American Ceremony. This Dance come from a time before the racial and religious barriers of the world existed. The infinite Circle of the Medicine Wheel predates man and we Dance to expand beyond form, dogma and criteria. We Dance to bring the wholeness back to the planet.

The origin of the dance, as told by Robbie: "The Fire Dance was given to me in a vision while I was dancing the Women’s Web of Life Dance in 2009. The maker of the Elemental Dance Shawls, Patti McFee, had a dream that I was to dance the Fire Shawl. She brought it to me during the dance and I put it on and danced with the Grandmothers and the Fire and Spirit. I was told my life would never be the same!

"I was immediately transported to the center of a different arbor. This arbor had 5 fires and I started dancing there. There were Fires in each of the 4 Directions and a Spirit Fire inside the arbor. As I danced there Spirit shared with me the Fire Dance.

"It was 18 months before I spoke of this Vision of a Fire Dance, and another 18 months before I danced it in this reality. The Fire Dance was born 3 years exactly after the Vision. During those 3 years Spirit shed me of the things in my life that no longer served the higher purpose. Within 3 months my relationship of 8 years was over. During the following year I lost my home and a business and my beloved 4 leggeds. The things that do serve my higher good came into my life. My Spirit work, my new life partner, my new home, my new eyes to see the world. My life was completely transformed by the Fire and Spirit. Now I have danced with the Fire and have felt Spirit’s power move through the Fires and through me. All of this was to prepare me to step into the role of Chief of the Fire Dance."

This Dance will ignite the passion and creativity within you to live your life fully as intended by Spirit. It will burn away the thing inside that blocks you and holds you back. The Firedance is about stepping into life fully and completely and the energy of this dance is incredibly powerful! We dance with 5 fires within a Medicine Wheel. The Spirit Keepers of the Directions are Dancing too! Spirit is Dancing in the Fire. It is tangible!

If you are called and if you are ready, the Fires are waiting………..and will forever be carried in your heart as a Fire Dancer!

"It is time. Time to let the spark within our hearts grow and spread into a fire. Time to dance through that fire and let it burn away everything that does not serve us. Forged in heart-fire we re-emerge into the world and step fully into ourselves, ready to share the warmth and lead the way. Let's DANCE!"..........Trai


General Information:

*Dancers and Crew should arrive on Thursday evening if possible; there is much work and preparation to be done in Community.

*All meals will be prepared and served for the Crew from Friday lunch thru Sunday lunch

*Crew camping is available on the grounds

*Crew rooms are available by reservation (limited beds available)

*Dancers will sleep in the Dance Arbor (bring what you need for personal comfort)

*Everyone present will participate as Crew or Dancer (no spectators in Ceremony)

Dancer Donations are on a sliding scale between R3800 – R6000 ($250-$400)
*it is up to the Dancer to know where they are in their prosperity for a donation

Crew Donations cover meal expenses .R800 (Fri lunch-Sun feast)
Additional donation for a bed reservation R260 (ppp night sharing) (before, during and after Dance)
Camping on the land.R100 ppp night (before, during and after Dance)

*All Dancer donations made via Paypal to Otter Dance by 21 October
*All Crew donations to be made via EFT to Simunye account

Robbie listens to the guidance of Spirit and the Ancestors in making the crew positions requests. It is a beautiful and trusting experience.

Crew Positions are as follows:

Fire Keepers – Literally tend the individual fires in the arbor, but also hold the spirit of the fire and the energy each fire represents.

Drummers – Drum from the heart and keep the rhythm that “carries” the Dancers

Dog Soldiers –Guardians of the Dance who work to ensure all needs of the Dance are met, one of the most sacred and honored positions

Kitchen Angels – Hold the Heart of the Dance and nourish and nurture the Crew. Handle the planning and preparing of all meals from Friday lunch through Sunday feast

Fire Mother – Holds the feminine space inside the Arbor and works directly with the Dancers as they process and Dance.

Fire Father - Holds the masculine space inside the Arbor and works directly with the Dancers as they process and Dance

Elders – The Wisdom Keepers of the Dance and council to the Chief

Chief – Leader and Keeper of the Vision, Dance, Dancers and Crew

Please contact Vaughan Harris directly for details. 

Please pass this along to anyone who may be interested!

Much Love and Gratitude,
Robbie, Otter Woman Standing
Trai Hill