Final Bout: Special Stage East

Sunday, July 25 2021 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM [CDT]

205 E Thompson Rd, Thompson, CT, 06277, United States

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Special Stage East Day Pass PARTIAL APPROVAL - $159.00

Single driver pass for Special Stage East on Sunday, July 25th. Make sure each teammate purchases a pass.

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Sunday, July 25 2021 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM [CDT]

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, 205 E Thompson Rd, Thompson, CT, 06277, United States.

Special Stage East will take place at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park on Sunday, July 25th 2021

Please read the below carefully, if you have further questions, feel free to contact Simba at 630-362-4178 or

We recommend teams arrive to Thompson the day before (Saturday, July 24th), it is not required, but will allow for you to get setup and a good parking spot early. If you plan to arrive on Sunday the day of the event, please arrive between 6AM and 8AM.

Cars can be left at the track or driven to your hotels. Only drivers and pit crew will be allowed on the grounds on Saturday, this is not open to spectators, for both ease of setup, as well as security of your vehicles and parts. Gates will close in the evening at 10PM for Saturday night, again to ensure security of your personal belongings.

Note: Thompson and Final Bout are not liable for any lost or damaged items, we will have security on site, but please be mindful of your personal items, lock up what you can.

If you need to leave your car/truck/trailer at the facility after the event, please contact Simba

Click Here for SSE Driver Page

SSE Costs

1 Day per vehicle: $159 + fees (includes a +1, must arrive with you)

Spectator pass per day: $20


Special Stage Rulebook

Please note the following important rules

- Fire extinguisher will be mandatory in all vehicles

- No consumption of alcohol while the track is hot

- Keep your cars looking flossy


Special Stage Event Day Rundown

Special Stage events will be run different than Final Bout. We will not have each team take 2 judged team runs. Instead, drivers will be informed of a window of time in which teams should drive together and they will be judged during that time, both based on appearance and driving ability as with all Final Bout's. It will not be formal judging but teams will be chosen based on their performance during this period. Take as many runs as you can during the period, there is no minimum or maximum. More details will be explained during the drivers meeting which will take place at 9AM on Sunday. 

Final Bout will select the best teams to be invited to Final Bout 4, we will not announce all teams selected for Final Bout 4 at the event.


Any questions or concerns, please contact Simba at 630-362-4178 or

Final Bout LLC

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