Field Search Certification Course-LA Clear, Commerce CA 3.2.17

Thursday, 2 March 2017 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST

5801 E. Slauson Ave., Commerce, CA, 90040, United States

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8Hr. Field Search Certification Course-LA Clear, Commerce CA Partial Approval - $100.00

Includes USB drive with Field Search pre-loaded, a multi card reader, laminated reference card and lanyard

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Additonal 8GB USB Drive with Field Search Pre-loaded Partial Approval - $25.00

Additional USB Drive, Multi Card Reader, Lanyard, Micro SD Adapter and laminated pocket card

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Thursday, 2 March 2017 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST

LA Clear (LA HIDTA), 5801 E. Slauson Ave., Commerce, CA, 90040, United States.

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8 hour Field Search Certification Course.

STC (#5297-050417) and POST (#1235-20671-12) (Plan IV) Certified. 



When: March 2nd, 2017 Time: 0800 to 1700hrs. 

Where: LA Clear-Commerce CA


Cost: $100.00 - Payable to EJM DIGITAL LLC  (Includes USB Drive & Flash Card Reader)


***Sworn Staff Only-Students must bring PC Laptop capable of wireless connectivity.

*** Includes Field Search Version 5 - Released  August 2016


Field Search is a powerful investigative tool for Probation and Parole Officers, Detectives, Patrol staff, and other first responders.  The Field Search software is deployed from a USB or “thumb” drive by officers in the field.  Field Search conducts a quick and efficient examination of a suspect’s computer.  Field Search was designed for use by officers with little or no computer experience, or by forensic professionals.  It is provided only to sworn law enforcement, free of charge, though the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) in conjunction with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).

In a matter of a few minutes, Field Search provides a detailed record of Internet websites visited, images and videos, most recently used files (MRUs), and the contents of the recycle bin. The tool can also conduct robust keyword searches for victim names, telephone #s, email addresses, and other case critical information.  It works on both “Windows” based PCs, and Macintosh computers.  Version 5 now recovers some chat, Skype, and Instant messenger files.

Field Search has been used extensively by Probation and Parole staff for years, but is now being extensively utilized by law enforcement agencies nationwide because of its ease of use, dependability, and effectiveness for first responders.  Patrol officers find the tool extremely useful when responding to any call involving computers.  Gang and TARGET officers gain valuable intelligence by viewing internet artifacts, photos and even movies of gang activity.  Sex Crimes detectives use Field Search to conduct “presumptive” examinations during the initial phases of their investigations. 

Computer forensic resources are dwindling as labs throughout the nation have become impacted by crushing workloads.  Most cases awaiting prosecution involve some type of digital evidence.  Forensic exams can take months or even years to perform.  Officers need another proven method of evidence gathering, reporting, and prosecuting cases involving digital evidence.

This intensive 8 hour course now includes a free small multi-card reader.  Officers can use this device to read “flash” cards from devices such as digital cameras and even small Micro SD cards from inside of cellular telephones (where most of the pictures taken on the phone are stored).  Once the cards are inserted into the reader, the reader can be plugged into the suspect’s computer.  When Field Search is deployed on the computer, officers can easily view the contents of the cards in addition to the material on the suspect computer.  Significant images, videos, internet artifacts or other intelligence can easily be “tagged” and included in an easy to produce and read report.

In addition to the card reader, students will receive a USB “flash” drive with the Field Search software pre-installed.  In addition to Field Search, students will receive 29 other pieces of free software officers can use during the course of their investigations.

Class participants not only become extremely proficient in the use of the software, but they also receive a certificate of completion from NLECTC.  This certification provides credibility to the officer, enhancing courtroom testimony and the efficacy of warrant or subpoena requests. 

NLECTC and NIJ has partnered with a handful of Digital Forensic Experts throughout the country to provide this intensive 8 hour course on the use of this powerful tool.  EJM DIGITAL, and its president, Erik McCauley, in conjunction with the Ontario Police Department are proud to be offering this 8 hour, POST and STC Certified course to Law Enforcement in the Southern California Area. 

About the Instructor: Erik J. McCauley has been instructing law enforcement for over 20 years.  Erik was the lead investigator of Orange County Probation’s High Tech Computer Forensics Lab and is president of EJM DIGITAL LLC.  Erik has been searching the digital devices of high risk offenders for over a decade and has been recognized on a local, state, and national level for his work in the area of Digital Investigation and high risk offender supervision.  Erik has trained over 5000 sworn officers from over 200 local, state and federal agencies in the use of Field Search, and is the most experienced Certified Field Search Instructor (CFSI) in the nation.              See Agencies Trained by EJM DIGITAL.


Commerce, CA (Location Provided Upon Registration)


Cancellation policy

Due to the high demand for this course, cancellations are not allowed. Students who cannot attend can re-schedule into an upcoming course.  No refunds will be provided.

ODIN Intelligence, Inc.

Course Presented by EJM DIGITAL LLC Erik McCauley-President and Instructor Serving the Law Enforcement Community since 2007 Class is POST and STC Certified 714-686-3152

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