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For the health and safety of our community, we are asking students to register on one of three days for their arrival and return to campus for the fall term.  Dates are Saturday August 15, Sunday, August 16 or Monday, August 17, 2020.  Students may bring 2 guests with them, everyone is required to wear a face mask and must practice social distancing.  If you arrive on campus on a date and time before your registered time you will not be able to move in.  You will be required to secure your own off campus housing until your move in time.

Reminder to Pack Lightly: We are encouraging all students to pack lightly this fall and focus on bringing only essential and important items to campus; to have a bag of essential items organized in the event that we need to relocate students or if students need to leave campus on short notice; and finally, to work with your family to have a plan for vacating campus quickly should the need arise. Bringing fewer possessions will also make for a smoother and faster Move-In. 



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