Excellence In Customer Service Training

Monday, 5 December 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

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Monday, 5 December 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

Who does this Customer Service Training?
The Excellence in Customer Service Training aims to teach participants how to provide top-quality customer service to customers and clients. This content can be modified to fit any environment or team. We will discuss your business needs and offer advice and solutions to help you create a WOW effect for your customers. The skills learned will result in a better customer service experience for your team.

This session will provide top-level service and tips to help you build strong relationships with your customers and teams. Our team can assist you with improving Customer service. We also offer customized training. Our training library contains hundreds of modules, including telephonecomplaint handling, and call quality.

Customers are treated with excellence in customer service


How to effectively use questions to gather information and communicate ideas

Effective communication tools can include questions. This part of the session will show you how to be more specific in your questions and how to use them to motivate customers to take action.

Customer Service Quick Techniques to Improve Anyone on the Spot

Perhaps you have had the pleasure of working with someone who provided great customer service. Their simple methods proved that it was not difficult. This is the next section of training. We will show you simple skills and steps that will make customers "wow".

Educate your customers about expectations

What can you do to uncover your expectations? How do you create expectations? Here you will find training on how to set expectations correctly and create new ones.

Professionally, setting unrealistic expectations

Unrealistic expectations cannot be met. People may have unrealistic expectations or are not fully informed about your business or policies. We can assist clients with a quick method to help them realize their expectations may be unrealistic or too high.

Mirroring is a great way to build trust

We offer psychological information about how mirrors work. Then, we discuss how to use mirroring techniques to connect with our customers/clients.

Body language signals: How to better understand your customer

We will be able to discuss the points in the session and then we will move on to body language and how we can use it more effectively in communication.

The WOW effect (How you wow customers every time)

Here are some tips and a quick checklist to ensure that you provide a friendly service every time.

Closing techniques to assist with the client's ending process

Closing techniques for professionals are a professional way to end a meeting, customer interaction, or phone call.

Your organisation may have specific customer service requirements that you require of your staff

If this is a group session, we go over any requirements your team may have. We will discuss the requirements for most organizations if this is a workshop session.

You can excel in customer service excellence skills to help you stand out from the rest of your industry

This session is designed to teach you the skills that professionals use. Be the best in your field.

Communication skills for simple information and assistance

It can be hard to create conversation with customers and bridge the gap between them and you. You can communicate effectively with your customers using these great tools.

Communication Skills: Both personal and professional presentation delivery

Customer service professionals need to be able to present effectively. Participants learn how to present professionally and highlight all aspects of their service or call to the customer.


Tailored customer service training

Training in Parramatta and other areas of Australia.

We have a variety of training sessions for Customer Service. Contact us for more information about this training session or a complimentary outline.

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