Ethics for UX Design crash course

Thursday, January 14 2021, 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM [GMT]

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Thursday, January 14 2021, 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM [GMT]


**45 MINUTES **



  1. UX & Ethics: What to tell your team

  2. How UX Designers can influence Ethics

  3. New Habits: What Teams need to do for better Ethics UX

  4. Q&A (15 minutes)




This crash course provides a short summary of the key concepts in Frank's popular Improving Ethics in UX Design webinar. This webinar is designed to be recyclable. You can give it to your team. Why? The need to get this information out to a broader IT audience is critical if we are going to make any inroads on this topic as we head into a future full of ethical dilemmas. 


Ethics for UX Design crash course

As we move into a new AI-enabled world, the role and decisions of User Experience designers become increasingly important. User Experience Design is at a crossroads with emerging technology, IT business models, and societal trends and needs. Human-centered Design and user advocacy are being challenged by algorithm-driven and manipulative interfaces (think social media) as well as business, and technology models that clash with user control and civil rights. New strategies are required for us to reduce bad, unethical, and embarrassing user experiences.  


In this webinar, we will explore what causes ethical issues in UX, how to turn this around, and start practicing 'UX with Ethics' in our day-to-day work. This webinar aims to provide practical understanding, tips, and techniques to help you educate your team (a copy of the PPT will be made available) as well as to take a more influential role in your organization or design decision making role.  



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A recording will be available as well as the PPT kit (for registered or anyone after the event). 

Frank Spillers

Frank Spillers, MS (CEO of Experience Frank Spillers is the founder of Experience Dynamics, a leading UX consulting firm with Fortune 500 clients around the world. For over 20 years, Frank has been an internationally respected UX leader, speaker, author, designer, researcher and UX Master Trainer. He is a world expert in improving the design and user experience of websites, web applications, VR/AR and mobile apps and services. Check out Frank's UX Inner Circle for mentoring and deep UX learning opportunities:

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