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Monday, 10 April 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEST

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Monday, 10 April 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEST

Adaption is the key to success in this economy. As companies strive to the future, technology keeps changing and is becoming more important in today's workplace. A company that embraces technology will grow, while one that doesn't can slow down its market share. This Technology Training Session can be a great way to start realizing the potential of technology. Technology can help increase speed, efficiency and professionalism as well as reduce time . This session will help you and your employees gain market share by allowing them to reap the benefits of technology.

A business can grow their market share by using technology training. Technology training can be used to improve the productivity of employees and increase their knowledge . You can benefit from the opportunities and the market by being at the forefront of this new era. Businesses that fail to use or adapt technology may be left behind, or end up doing things the hard-way. This session will help you take advantage of the many tech advancements that can help your business become more efficient and successful.

Suggested Technology Goals:


Make your Office a technology-friendly space

Find out how technology can help your organization. We present case studies of organizations that have failed to embrace the technology world, whether it be in the media sector, manufacturing, or retail. These classes help participants to see the importance of using advanced technologies and products in their work environment.

Make the most of your computers, phones, instant messaging and email.

During the training, we discuss how technology can be optimized for participants and how their behavior and use of those devices can be improved.

Improve communication with IT department

This article provides insight on why Tech Departments may not be able to understand end users and how end users might have difficulty communicating with them.

Get the best training and applications

Information about how technology can help your business develop is provided by us. We have the advantage of being able to provide business advice to many industries and clients.

Set up an IT budget

We also discuss IT funding. We can customize or remove this session if it is group training. For customisation, please contact us.

Set expectations and clarify responsibilities regarding privacy and security

We will discuss the legislation regarding emailing as well as company requirements for data collection. If this is a staff training session, we will also discuss privacy and security requirements for your company.

Make sure their employees are safe and well

What does technology do to your well-being? Learn more about creating a safe and healthy work environment.

Implement a system-use policy

If you wish to give participants a better understanding of how the system works within your organisation, this is an area that we could explore.

Policies for managing company property

It is important to distinguish between home and work when discussing technology at work.

Decide whether employees should telecommute

Learn more about telecommuting, and the benefits it offers. We can also remove the module if virtual work is not available at your office.

Make Virtual Employment work

We can discuss how telecommuting works in your workplace and what you can do to increase productivity.

Workplace problems can be solved

How to handle workplace problems that arise from the use technology. Eg: Text messaging on job etc.

Technical issues should be addressed

You can enhance technological issues within your organization.


Tailored for Your Technological Needs

This training is offered in Parramatta and other locations such as Canberra, Darwin, Sydney. Brisbane, Adelaide. Gold Coast.

We can create customized training sessions for you if you have a particular need or concern. To discuss your training goals and learn more about how we can help, contact us today.

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