Email Communication Training

Tuesday, 13 June 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Tuesday, 13 June 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

Clear and Effective Emailing

Email has become a major form of business communication. The average office worker receives around 80 emails each day. Your own emails can be easily forgotten due to the sheer volume of mail. Another fact is that customers prefer email to any other communication medium by 72 percent. Is there a faster, more efficient way to reply and create email messages?

Professionalism can make all the difference in getting a job, promotion, or a job that lasts. As we have seen, emails aren't private. Emails can be copied and forwarded to anyone, anyplace. In their rush to get to work, many workers send emails to bosses and colleagues without reviewing their email messages. Many emails are incorrectly or overlooked.

Training Overview

This session will discuss how to draw attention to your writing and how to deliver negative news as effectively . We also discuss the correct style and format of your emails. This article is a great way to teach your staff the business email format and procedures. These errors can be detrimental to your bosses, colleagues, clients, and employers.

This Email Communication Session will assist your team in creating clearer and more efficient emails. This session will discuss ethics, responsibilities, and etiquette in order to create high-performing emails.

This session is great for both teams that send out email messages internally and externally. The trainer offers expert advice and case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the information. Your staff can be provided with any examples or templates they wish, and we can also help them create effective emails from ineffective ones.

Workshops and group training available on the Gold Coast, Perth or Melbourne, Darwin, Sydney, Parramatta or Adelaide.

Learning Objectives

How to be precise to achieve specific results

Find out how to get more responses from your emails. Participants will learn how to get more replies and results by making a few adjustments. Participants will learn how to create clear messages and write effective emails.

How to use bullet points in order to draw attention to ideas

It can be hard to get attention in an email. This video shows you how to make your key points and ideas stand out using the font styling. You will learn how to use Bold and CAPS, as well as other tools, to draw attention to your email messages.

How to use correct grammar to create an email that is memorable

Email writing and grammar can make a big difference. Find out how even the simplest errors can have a major impact on your email messages. Here are some tips from our trainers to help you avoid common grammatical mistakes.

Perception of what you write

Sometimes it can be difficult to communicate your thoughts to someone else. Email communication is even more difficult. Find out how email can be interpreted in many different ways and how you can improve your perception.

How to communicate bad news more effectively or request payments

Some people are gifted with the gift of gab. Some people are able make persuasive arguments with their words. Find out how to effectively deliver bad news or get more responses from your email communications.

From start to finish: How do you write an email, including subject lines?

Our trainers will show you how to structure an email correctly and fill in the appropriate areas to maximize impact.

How to write a question

It can be hard to write questions and you may get an unwelcome response. Learn how to make sure that every question in an email is answered.

Effectively using multiple viewpoints (Associating and Dissociating: We? I, Ours, Yours etc.

Which perspective should you write from? What is the tone of your email? You may need to use a different approach depending on the context and the purpose of the email. You can learn more about the different styles of writing here.

Attachment Etiquette (Zipping your files)

Do not attach too many files to your email. These tips will help you get more out of less.

Plus, much more

If you select this session for a team, it can be customized to fit your needs.

Other objectives are also available

  • Professional emails should be well-structured and clear
  • To save time and effort, communicate well right from the beginning
  • Positively impact customers, suppliers, coworkers and others
  • Make an impact and grab your reader's attention.
  • Understanding your audience and readers is crucial.
  • These email techniques include professional greetings as well as effective subject lines.
  • Discuss common errors in English written English and how to avoid them.
  • Participants are taught email basics and the law.

Who should attend?

This course is for employees who want to increase clarity and effectiveness in email communication.

This course will help you to create professional emails. It includes clear instructions, many templates and examples. This course will teach you how to make your own email style, as well as editing and proofreading. This course teaches you how create and send emails that are effective in any type of business environment, such as new employment, sales, customer relations, and placing orders.

Through theory and practice, you will learn how to make quality emails. You can also lose your professional reputation, professional relationships, productivity, credibility, and professionalism through bad emails.

Tailor Made Training

This training can be given to your employees so that they know how to create and send emails in the right format. A uniform process will ensure that all outgoing emails are sent with the right information and details. Our trainer will tailor the training session to your needs, as email can be representative of your business.

Contact us for more information about this training session or to request a custom outline at no cost.

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