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Event Information

About the Event

It’s About CommunicationRelationships

  and Being Influential!


This 8-hour session is comprised of 4 separate 2-hour long webinars.

Why Dynamic Profiling?

True Leadership is the use of INFLUENCE in the absence of Authority!”



Are you frustrated at having the same conversation with people over and over and they just don’t “get it”?

How beneficial would it be if you could learn to better understand your customer’s motivations and why they make the decisions that they do?

X-Stream Dynamic Profiling  is an extremely powerful leadership tool that provides you with the ability to understand what people are saying and why they say it during the conversation!

X-Stream Dynamic Profiling  is powerful, practical, and fast! Unlike Personality Assessments, you get to deeply understand your listener in Real-Time using simple conversations and observations.


Stage 1 Covers Communication.https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/1000/1*XdmKT6AVCodjJZnIDJAUzg.jpeg


X-Stream Dynamic Profiling  will also:

·       Improve your hiring decisions!


·       Reduce turnover and increase productivity!


·       Increase your sales closure rates!


·       Improve your customer relationships!


·       The bottom line?  Improve profitability!



X-Stream Dynamic Profiling builds on your current understanding of personalities to learn how to quickly understand anyone by simply having a 30 to 90 second normal, routine, casual conversation!


Class begins at 8 pm Eastern Time

                          7 pm Central Time

                          6 pm Mountain Time

                          5 pm Pacific Time

About the Organizer

Learning about yourself is interesting but,,, Learning how to evaluate someone else to see how you can change and adapt to become more influential…now that’s Powerful! All of our services are specifically designed to help each individual or organization “Achieve What You Were Created to Become”! Registered Trademark THIS is our Mission and our Passion…To help YOU succeed in whatever YOU do!