DLv February 2021

Friday, February 05 2021, 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM [PDT]

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DLv February 2020: Designing for Equitable Futures: Educator as Futurist PARTIAL APPROVAL - $100.00

Tickets left: 1| Sale ends on 01/22/2021

Facilitator: Laura McBain from Stanford d.School. In this virtual learning experience, participants will explore the intersections of futures thinking and design as they travel to past and step into the future to craft more equitable futures with and for students. We will explore the some core mindsets of futures thinking, practice visiting the future through scenario planning, trend forecasting and horizon explorations. Participants will be encouraged to travel inward exploring how their own racial identities, experience and politics shape what they put into the world. By the end, our budding futurists will leave with prototypes for their futures and learning tools they can use within their communities to construct preferred equitable futures.

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DLv February 2020: Antiracist Deeper Learning: Co-Creation of PBL PARTIAL APPROVAL - $100.00

Facilitator: Joe Truss from Culturally Responsive Leadership. The best curriculum is created by teachers and centered on student interests. So, we are going to co-create a PBL project that anyone around the world can access and teach. Yes, in real time. In this session, participants will learn about the intersection between antiracism and deeper learning. We will explore planning frameworks that center the healing, liberation, and validation of Black, Indigenous, and students of color. We will examine the Covid19PBL "Connecting Across the Distance" curriculum, created in April 2020. Finally, we will use it as a model for creating the first draft of a new Virtual PBL project, based on a topic that the group decides. <<THIS DEEP DIVE IS SOLD OUT>>

DLv February 2020: Blue Dot Explorers PARTIAL APPROVAL - $100.00

Tickets left: 23| Sale ends on 01/22/2021

Facilitator: Brian Delgado from BlueDot Education. In this session, participants will make an educational magazine focusing on air, water, land and life. They will work in teams to create articles and make visuals for the magazine. We will unpack our shared experience with a focus on social and environmental justice. The goal is for teachers to leave this deep dive with additional tools to bring into the classroom experience with their students and for other educators to begin envisioning what might be possible in a learning setting.

DLv February 2020: Hacking + Holonomy = Hardware PARTIAL APPROVAL - $100.00

Tickets left: 19| Sale ends on 01/22/2021

Facilitators: Jeff Embleton and Morgan Vien. How might we cultivate conditions for all people in a community to thrive? This will be an immersive experience in cultivating liberating and joyful environments and exploring how to make a vision resonate through all aspects of a learning organization. Folks will be able to bring ideas unique to their context and have the opportunity to practice hacking toward solutions and designing across role and difference. We’ll utilize a co-generative process with tools from liberatory design. We are all designers. This is a workshop for individuals and teams of educators who are looking to the possibilities for what might shift toward a different future.

DLv February 2020 Fellows Registration PARTIAL APPROVAL

Tickets left: 7| Sale ends on 01/22/2021

This registration is for the DLv Fellows who are participating in the debrief protocols for Deep Dives at DLv.

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Friday, February 05 2021, 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM [PDT]

Join us for a half-day interactive and immersive virtual professional learning experience February 5th 9:00-1:30 PDT. Each Deep Dive ensures personalized facilitation and collaboration during the session. Explore and create as you reimagine the possibilities for education.

High Tech High Graduate School of Education


The Deeper Learning Hub at High Tech High GSE is a national practitioner hub whose mission is to spread deeper learning practices and ensure that more students across the country are achieving deeper learning outcomes.

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