Dancing Through Fire Virtual Book Tour

Wednesday, 1 June 2016 6:00 AM - Friday, 1 July 2016 9:00 PM EST

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016 6:00 AM - Friday, 1 July 2016 9:00 PM EST

Robbie’s spiritual journey began with the cataclysmic events of 9/11 and by the time she walked through the rubble and destruction at Ground Zero six weeks later there was no turning back.  In trying to understand what had happened, and why, she found herself soaking up teachings from many different sources and quickly found herself called to follow the Red Road and connect with her own Native American heritage.

Along her journey she met people who opened doors to her soul and she went to places that helped her remember her who she is.  She learned about the Medicine Wheel, ceremonial dances, shamanic journeying and sweat lodges, and the more she was in ceremony the clearer it became that her old life no longer served her. Her journey took her to Africa many times where she learned that Mother Earth is always at her feet and in her heart and that the ways of Spirit are woven through many cultures. 

Robbie’s journey to Spirit cost her dearly; she lost her company, her career, her home, her community and her partner. These were all things that stood between her and her authentic self.  She found that her journey was not just about what she was losing, but what she was learning about herself and her soul. Dancing Through Fire is the story of Robbie’s courage and determination to firstly find her connection to Spirit, and then to live it fully.  Her story is one that inspires others to persevere in their own pursuit to find the life they were meant to live. 


Robbie learned that her journey was synonymous with the story of the return of the Fire Dance. In order for her to follow her vision she had to set aside everything that she thought she was until all that remained was Robbie, Medicine Woman – Otter Woman Standing - Chief and visionary. 

Otter Dance is dedicated to the Spiritual Path of Earth Medicine and Nature, honoring Spirit in all things. EVERYTHING is sacred from the largest mountain to the smallest plant and animal. A lesson can be found in all things and experiences and everything has a purpose. To sum up Earth Medicine; it is about HONOR, LOVE, and RESPECT. Not only love, honor, and respect for Creator and Mother Earth but also every living thing. It is about being in touch with oneself and everything around you. It is about knowing and understanding that you are part of everything, and everything is a part of you. Our Elders hold the answers, and our children hold the future. We are all One.

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