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Membership fee Partial Approval - $500.00

Sales end on - 10/09/2020

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Wed, October 09 2019, 12:00 AM - Fri, October 09 2020, 12:00 AM [EST]

About the Event

This is an agreement to become a member under the D1 Nation Umbrella.

Being a D1 Nation member , you will be authorized to do the following.

-  Create events under the D1 Nation brand to incllude - Super Sunday Showcase , Best of the Best  and host state championships under the D1 Nation brand

-  Usuage of D1 Nation logo for events and social media purposes

- Insurance benefits of the extended to the  members are:

  • Sports Accident insurance

  • General Liability insurance

  • Certificates of insurance



-   All Events must carry the D1 Nation logo and brand on printed material and on field signage .  Signage is paramount.   If you need assistance please let us know.

-   The member agrees to hold the ownership group harmelss in case of any liability that arises on behalf of the member.

-   Events cannot conflict with the D1 Nation NYFC or D1 All American Bowls.

-   All national tournaments must be added to the national calendar no later than March 30.

-   Member will create one National event in conjunction with D1 Nation ownership group.


Rankings are the life blood of P4P and D1 Nation,   By subscribing to be a member , it is understood that the state rankings will be done weekly and submitted to the national board to be placed on the website.


Relationship between member and D1 Nation ownership group.   D1 Nation act as support system for the membered states.


Causes for termination of agreement :

-  Failure to produce weekly rankings in accordance to this agreement 

-  Bias in rankings ( Using D1 Nation to promote members teams and not displaying the true picture on the ground.

-  Usuage of D1 Nation likeliness to promote competitiors events .


About the Organizer

D1 Nation , LLC ... Nations #1 Source for Youth Sports