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Wed, October 09 2019, 12:00 AM - Fri, October 09 2020, 12:00 AM [EST]

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Wed, October 09 2019, 12:00 AM - Fri, October 09 2020, 12:00 AM [EST]

This is an agreement to become a member under the D1 Nation Umbrella.

Being a D1 Nation member , you will be authorized to do the following.

-  Usuage of D1 Nation logo for events and social media purposes

- Insurance benefits of the extended to the  members are:

  • Sports Accident insurance

  • General Liability insurance

  • Certificates of insurance



-   All Events must carry the D1 Nation logo and brand on printed material and on field signage .  Signage is paramount.   If you need assistance please let us know.

-   The member agrees to hold the ownership group harmelss in case of any liability that arises on behalf of the member.

-   Events cannot conflict with the D1 Nation NYFC or D1 All American Bowls.

-   All national tournaments must be added to the national calendar no later than March 30.

-   Member will create one National event in conjunction with D1 Nation ownership group.

Relationship between member and D1 Nation ownership group.   D1 Nation act as support system for the membered states.


Causes for termination of agreement :

-  Failure to produce weekly rankings in accordance to this agreement 

-  Bias in rankings ( Using D1 Nation to promote members teams and not displaying the true picture on the ground.

-  Usuage of D1 Nation likeliness to promote competitiors events .

- Upon termination , former director must surrender username and password to D1 Nation Facebook accounts


These guidelines are for the purposes of conducting football operations under the D1 Nation Umbrella . 


Our mission is to provide quality events for youth on the state and national levels by creating a national organization. We will accomplish this through the commitment of our state directors to put a quality product in each event. 

Current Leadership structure: 

CEO/President - Harold Thompson - Georgia COO/ Vice President - Antwon McKay - Missouri Director of Marketing - Jermaine Roberson - Alabama National Rankings - 

Current State Directors 

Georgia - Harold Thompson Missouri - Antwon McKay Alabama - Jermaine Roberson New York - Ralphie Draper Illinois - Duane Bell Pennsylvania - Cobra D’ablo Tennessee - Rashaun Strickland Indiana - Ronnie Hayes North Carolina - Daiquan Bowman South Carolina - Lamar Bomar/ Corey Grumelot Kentucky - Gerrard Harris 


Please note that each director is in charge of his state. We (D1 Nation US) will not participate in the management of your state , however there are items that we must have done in order to maintain synergy of efforts. 

D1 Nation will provide the following: - Organizational Structure - National Social Media - National Championship - National All Star Championship - Memberships Insurance - Certification 

State Directors - Responsible creating and facilitating 

- Weekly State Rankings - Preseason event - Sunday Football (If possible) - State Tournament - Feilding All Star Teams to come to Atlanta 


Revenue Streams - Each state director will make 100% of the proceeds from the events they conduct unless a partnership agreement with D1 Nation US has been put in place. D1 Nation US will market events in regions. D1 Nation will keep the revenues from teams that pay on the D1nation.us site and will send the teams to participate in the event. 

Sunday Football - Sunday Super Showcase Events are viewed as cash flow positive events. Sunday football are match ups you create to help determine if a team should be ranked or not. Sole purpose of Sunday football is to recognize teams and talent. Should be used to issue out Golden tickets to capture player info for All American Bowl 

Pre-season Events - At the discretion of the State Director. We normally like to assist the states with the first event so that we ensure the proper signage, infrastructure , and quality are in place. Dates must be pre-approved to be added to the National Schedule. 

State Tournament - Not mandatory but effective ways to award the top teams in each state. Cold weather areas we recommend doing a pre-season state championship 

All American Bowl - Each state director will field their own all star teams. You will set up your own payment systems and be responsible for purchasing the D1 uniforms. We will design the uniform for your state in accordance with the style selected for this year's event. 


Normal charge is $250 per player , however you can extend discounts should you deem necessary. Each All Star team will participate in the 2021 event to be held in Atlanta. Directors will pay a fee of $350 per team to cover their teams. 

Golden Tickets - We use Golden tickets to identify high caliber players and to collect their contact information so that you can send out emails with your All Star registration information on it . These should be passed out during all events and retrieved... Golden ticket information should be placed on a spreadsheet to be downloaded to constant contact (EMAIL) or text messages on Eztext can be sent out...... We have a corporate constant contact account. When you are ready we will send it to you or you may use your own. 


Social Media - Each state director needs to create a D1 Nation (State) page and invite members of your state to join the group. This is where you will communicate locally and nationally. We will all cross market each others events and participate with teams where feasible. Instagram and Twitter are great tools as well. 


Weekly Rankings - Each state director will be responsible for dropping the rankings in his state. We will drop preseason rankings July 1 and then Week one rankings will start in Last week of August. We will drop rankings every Thursday at the state level. You will then forward your final copies to d1nation page and we will place them on the National Website. D1nation.us. 

Rankings are very important , if you can’t do them , you cannot be a state director 


All Directors will use the same schedule app ( Exposure Events) This will lend to overall quality , easy access to all scores , and ease of communications with all event participants. This will also provide for synergy of efforts. 

COST (Assumed by the State Director) 

- Flyer - $50.00 each (You can do your own , please included the D1 Nation Logo on 


approved events. Flyers done by others must be approved by the board.) - State Rankings Golden Tickets - VistaPrint - Signage - Flags , A-Frames , banners ,awards (at your discretion) Signage is a big part of branding - Trophies/Awards - Please make sure you have decent trophies - State director is responsible for their own events.


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