Cut from the Herd via ZOOM Event

Friday, 4 October 2024 9:00 AM - Saturday, 5 October 2024 5:00 PM PDT

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Friday, 4 October 2024 9:00 AM - Saturday, 5 October 2024 5:00 PM PDT

This will be a full virtual 2 Day training and will be recorded. Bring your fullest engagement and questions! If you do not attend the recording will be dispersed via email to all previous trainees, and all enrolled in upcoming courses.

Cut from the Herd: Understanding Childhood Trauma and it's ties to Addiction


1. Participants will receive a brief overview of research, statistics, and correlations between childhood trauma and addiction.


2. Participants will learn about childhood attachment patterns and its contribution to addiction cycles.


3. Participants will learn about childhood's impact on the nervous system and its influence on addiction.


4. Participants will learn the role of Self Regulation skill development in healing addiction.


The Cut from the Herd addictions treatment model is a comprehensive 3 Stage system for releasing the chains of addiction. It is inclusive and can be integrated with any other addictions models to systematically work through addiction with both an Attachment and Trauma Science Lenses.

Steve Sawyer LCSW CSAC Dynamic Interventions LLC Owner Brainspotting International Senior Trainer Heartmath Interventions & Resilient Heart Programs Co-Author Wellbriety Mending Broken Hearts Trainer Steve is a dual licensed psychotherapist filled with passion and knowledge surrounding the intervention and change process. His experience comes from two decades of intervention with tough to reach client populations in therapy settings ranging from residential, community based, outpatient and wilderness therapy. He is a trained trainer of several unique therapeutic models including Brainspotting, and HeartMath. Steve co-founded New Vision Wilderness Therapy programs with a trauma informed and clinical focus with 3 locations spanning the country. He continues to work as a core therapeutic training development staff with the Institute of HeartMath receiving their Humanitarian Heart award in 2018 and he is a leading active International Brainspotting trainer. Along with his training of Phase 1 and 2, he developed the Developmental Trauma Focused Model of Brainspotting. Steve’s Native focused work is as a Wellbriety Mending Broken Hearts trainer and Generation Red Road facilitator. Steve spends time amongst trauma focused treatment master’s like Gabor Mate and Bessel Van Der Kolk. Steve’s trainings are recognized nationwide for cutting edge therapeutic techniques, science, and inspiration.

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