Customer Contact Training

Tuesday, 20 December 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

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Tuesday, 20 December 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

Paramount Training and Development has teamed up with many experts in customer service to revolutionize traditional solution selling. Instead of promoting your products, the Customer Contact Training will allow your employers to focus on solving customers' problems. This will enable your employer to equip your employees with the right tools for presenting your company's products or services. This training is for call center workers and teaches them how to build trust with customers by making credible impressions over phone.

Find out more about the psychology and sales, and why it is important to have reciprocity between agencies and clients before closing a deal.

The training can be done in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne as well as Perth, Parramatta, Canberra and Adelaide.

Understanding the norms of dealing with diversity and the benefits of solution selling will give you an edge in the competitive markets. Learn the simple tricks to improve customer service and communication. Amazing customer services are not an accident. It takes knowledge and innovation.

Training Outcomes


Identify Customer Expectations

Do you treat your clients as a way to reach your sales goals? This mindset is not healthy. The customer service experts hired by the agency will share their thoughts on how to deal with clients, whether it's giving assistance over phone or in person. Agencies shouldn't just sell, but should treat their clients like partners.

It's easier to build rapport and strengthen relationships

The law of reciprocity is a concept that you may have heard about. It would be a great way to make your company and yourself more knowledgeable about the world of sales. Building trust is key. You can communicate with your clients to provide the best services.

Effectively communicating your message over the phone

Maximize your resources. If you use creativity, a telephone is more than just an ordinary phone. These resources can be used for a longer time and more frequently, which could be an advantage. Get tips from experts with the Customer Contact Training to learn more!

Handling Complaints

How often do your employees deal with complaints? Are you assuming that you are always to blame for complaints? Unsatisfaction is a natural part of any business. Strive for perfection and for growth. Managing complaints professionally will not only make the customer happy, but also help to keep them thinking positively about the company.

Language for the Body

Did you know that body language can help you understand your client's thoughts during meetings? Through Customer Contact Training, you can learn the essence of body language when communicating with your clients.

Questions techniques

It is difficult to know the right questions to ask. This requires the right skills and strategies . With a better understanding of this area, you will be able to negotiate and close deals with clients.

Create a positive impression for your company

Find the areas where you can make a lasting impression on your clients. You can customize the Customer Contact Training to meet your company's needs.


Delivering the right products to your business

Paramount Training and Development's Customer contact training can help you examine your business' strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of the client if requested. Our team can help you uncover, recreate and identify areas that could be improved.

There are many communication and customer service training sessions that we offer. You can also request a customized training session to address specific issues. For more information about our services or to book a training session, call 1300 810 725.

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