Cross-Cultural Workshop Week

Monday, 20 April 2020 12:00 AM - Friday, 24 April 2020 12:00 AM [CET]

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Japanese Painting Techniques and Ornamental Patterns by Profesor Maki Nagumo PARTIAL APPROVAL - Free

The workshop will be devoted to various Japanese pictorial traditions. Students will learn calligraphy using kanji ideograms, stamp printing, nihonga painting, sumie ink painting, and Japanese ornamental patterns, including these significant for the Kutani yaki pottery produced, since the XVII th. century, in Kanazawa city, one of the traditional crafts centers and the capital city of the Ishikawa prefecture. Necessary equipment: ? Sketchbook ? Cutter (knife) ? Potatoes (few) ? Paint (watercolors) ? Ink (could be Japanese or Chinese or other) ? All kinds of brushes ? Liquid glue ? A gum eraser

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'States of Isolation: The World from the Windows of My Room' by Klaudiusz Slusarczyk PARTIAL APPROVAL - Free

"The world that we know goes into oblivion" – whether one agrees with this statement or not, the current crisis affects us all. With the severity and realness of the situation, we are also given an opportunity to think about the value of existing social agreements, the future of interpersonal relationships, and about our future as a species. The feeling of isolation that we have to face right now – each of us in their own way – has become a bonding force for us all. It is true, we live in a state of emergency (both politically and mentally) and itis through this workshop session that we would like to explore both the cultural as well as personal experience of states of isolation and virtual togetherness. Our workshop participants will have an opportunity to scrutinise their current experiences. We will study the reality that surrounds us today and use our observations as a record of a unique time in history. We will start with questions about the future of a global villag

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States of Isolation: The World from the Windows of My Room by Natalia Lajszczak and Maciej Polczynski PARTIAL APPROVAL - Free

The images will also serve us as a frame for our messages – we will manipulate the views using collage, animation, drawing or any other form of visual communication that is closest to you/adequate for your message. Taking this further to the digital window we will see how one could state the same using well – known forms that are embedded into our operating systems at our computer. Let’s see where those two shall take us. Methodology: The main communication platform between tutors and participants will be Microsoft Teams; Tutors, in addition to online discussions and lectures, provide participants with a library of reading materials related to the topic of the workshop; Participants will work alone or in groups; Completed projects (along with documentation) will be published on a dedicated website.Workshop timetable:

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The Art of News by Alexandra Zsigmond PARTIAL APPROVAL - Free

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What is Design? Awareness of Our Senses by Associate Professor Hideki Yano PARTIAL APPROVAL - Free

Most art and design educational programs generally focus on acquiring creative skills and the quality of artwork and projects. However, it is essential to pay attention to the way the creator thinks and feels because it influences the design results. In this workshop, we will consider what design is, based on the participants’ remarks on design.

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Reimagining the United Nations by Ciarán ÓGaora / Zero-G PARTIAL APPROVAL - Free

In recent years rising nationalism, trade wars, weakening alliances and unilateral political agendas are undermining the United Nations. Global issues like climate change, migration, and the spread of Covid 19 are highlighting how the challenges we face transcend national borders. There is a need to clearly articulate the benefits of meaningful multilateral action to an increasingly disaffected populace.

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Writing with Images: Comics, Graphic Novels and Other Forms of Sequential Art by Hans Lijklema PARTIAL APPROVAL - Free

Get infected by the highly contagious comics virus! Sequential art is the ultimate form of storytelling for visual artists, as it allows them to create their own world and share it with the public in its purest form. In a five-day workshop, you will write, draw and letter your own comic. The week will comprise of lectures, short exercises, and a larger assignment.

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Monday, 20 April 2020 12:00 AM - Friday, 24 April 2020 12:00 AM [CET]

PJAIT 2020


Curators: Jan Piechota, Jakub Karpoluk

contact: and

*Only one ticket (one workshop) per student, please do not book more tickets than 1. 

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